Darn it! Another Tardy…


Kiya Downs

Junior, Ella Mitchler running through the hall to make it to her next class.

Most students are swamped with the number of tardy passes that they have accumulated throughout their high school years. Tardy passes seem to be a big stressor for the students considering if there are three or more passes in a class, detention is a possible factor. Students have complained about times they have been counted tardy, specifically being their first-period class and their class right after lunch. 

Access to Air Academy can be extremely tricky for the students because of the lines to get on and off base. The start of school seems to be the biggest issue when it comes to the situation. Both base employees  and students have to get their IDs and cars checked as they pass through the line, which sometimes goes all the way to the interstate.

Many students have been able to carpool or take the bus to minimize the amount of traffic that is witnessed at the beginning of the day. For some students, the bus is not an option so their parents take them or they have to drive themselves. It seems as though the carpooling and buses do not provide much of an effect on the amount of time it takes to get through the gate. 

“I carpool with my friends just about every morning and it doesn’t help the fact that I’m late to my first-period class almost every day. I honestly wish teachers would give their students more time before taking attendance so that I don’t have to spend my time in detention,” commented sophomore Jeremiah Day. 

While some teachers are more lenient when students arrive 10 minutes late in the morning, there are unfortunately teachers who care about students being directly on time. There are a wide variety of teachers at the school that like to prepare students for their future as much as possible, such as providing an example to be prompt and on time to all classes. 

A teacher that some students have realized that they can never get past when coming in late is science teacher Cris Robson. She never lets a student come in late without asking how or why the student is tardy. 

“I personally dislike it when students (or adults for that matter) are tardy, as it not only hurts the learning of the student but the learning of others,” replied Robson. 

Teacher’s genuinely care about their students’ learning and want them to be the best version of themselves that they can be. While being tardy is a complaint for a lot of students, it might actually disrupt their learning.

“A student who is tardy because they were socializing in the hall will receive a detention,” Robson declares, amending later, “however, the student who is late because they are responsible for getting their younger siblings ready for school and driving them to school is in a very different situation than the first student.”