Pets and Their Positive Effects On People’s Lives


Felicity Fox

Felicity Fox’s dog Layla can’t make up her mind on whether she’d rather be pet or be left alone, Felicity claims this makes her dog pretty independent.

No matter where in the world you are, you can always find people with pets. This is no surprise; pets offer amazing connections and companionship. But not many know that growing a bond with a fuzzy companion can actually improve one’s mental health.

According to the Mental Health Foundation in the UK, “A pet can be a great source of comfort, companionship, and motivation for their owners. In many ways, pets can help us to live mentally healthier lives.”

Those who have pets, more often than not, agree that they have a profound positive impact on their mental strength.

“I think that pets [can] help keep our mental health in check and they can, in some cases, relieve stress or anxiety,” said Felicity Fox, a sophomore at Air Academy High School. “They can also bring comfort and companionship.”

“Animals impact people mentally in a good way because sometimes when you feel alone it’s just someone there to have with you,” stated junior Arrianna Gee.”If you want to be alone, they won’t speak– Just sit there and listen.”

Andy Rameriz’s dog, Chloe, runs to him when he arrives home and hugs his leg; Andy said it makes coming home so much better.

Pets have a variety of distinct personalities! Their characters can simply put a smile on your face.

“It’s an award to have a pet love you,” junior Andy Ramirez expressed. “It’s amazing to grow bonds in life; it makes that aspect of life so much better!”

Feeling the warmth and affection of a comforting critter could absolutely brighten anyone’s day. The smallest things they do can be reassuring.

Life can get stressful and overwhelming and having an anchor in the form of a loveable and unique character can keep stress at bay. Take service dogs as an example; they are often used for those with bad mental illnesses and disabilities and used as therapy animals!

Liliana’s bunny Nova likes to rest on her chest and shoulders while she plays video games!

Senior Liliana Silva spoke about her bunny, Nova, “When I’m not having a good mental health day, she just cuddles with me and watches shows with me or we will sit for a while and I’ll just brush her. She’s really made me better with my mental health.”

“Having a dog, in my case, forces you to get out of your comfort zone and go out for walks with them, ” said Felicity Fox. “They can distract you from a [possible] triggering experience such as panic attack[s]. They are loyal to you and teach you to be loyal as well, in a way.”

Silva claimed she would miss her pet if they weren’t there.

“I definitely think I would be more lonely than I already am. It’s nice to have her around.”

“I think I would be a lot more stressed and would not go out as much as I do without my dog,” said Fox.

Humans have an inclination to grasp onto the ones who may make them feel better, and animals more often than not have that effect on us. They present a comforting nature, and it can be beneficial in many ways!

Whenever Arrianna is crying, her cat Cleo will curl up around her feet and meow up at her.

Arrianna Gee reveals the therapeutic impact her cat has had on her life: “My cat brings me the most joy because I bought her a few weeks after my brother passed away and she hasn’t left my side since.”

Personally, caring for an animal has changed my life in many ways. They can become a part of your family very quickly, but the bond you can grow with them over the years is something I consider very significant.

I couldn’t rightly explain just how special my own companion is to me. My rabbit’s name is Pierre. I have had her for nearly 5 years and the connection I have grown with her is one I could not replace!

I can say some people hold such high importance for their own animals because I hold as much for mine. There is so much my rabbit does for me by simply being in my life.

Small things she does can make my day so much greater: when she runs circles around my desk for no apparent reason or nudges my foot for attention as I work on school endeavors. The list could really go on endlessly.

My rabbit Pierre looking to snag some of the banana I was snacking on. (Sami Batista)

She has such a personality, and it shines through every day. I find myself feeling closer to her as each day passes by, even after thinking that couldn’t be possible.

I know my own mental health is much better with her being a part of my life, and the same goes for many other people! I believe, beyond any doubt, animals make such a difference in the world!

Animals can help a person learn to take care of not only another living being but themselves as well. They can inspire a person to better their lives by simply being there.

It can be hard to deal with issues such as a mental illness or just simply a bad day. But, knowing you have a pet by your side can make it better. It’s evident that pets have valuable and everlasting impacts on their people. They do so much for us and impact our lives in positive ways.