COVID-19’s Effect On Seniors’ Post Graduation Plans



Labeled for reuse by Creative Commons. The changes of today’s world adds stress to students getting ready to graduate.

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on every individual around the world, but what specifically has been affected for those who are looking to start their lives in a world that feels as if it has been left on “pause” lately?

Seniors everywhere had minds filled with plans and ideas for what their lives may look like after high school. However, once all of mankind was sent into a global pandemic, those plans certainly became harder to act upon.

Many senior students at Air Academy High School have plans for after they graduate, whether they plan on immediately attending college or have something else in mind. Though many with college plans have been able to work around the COVID-related difficulties with the power of the internet, many other’s preparations have become stagnant.

COVID itself had caused huge disruption to people’s lives as a whole: the adventures of life seem to have come to a halt. Now that people are stuck inside and waiting for this storm to pass, it feels almost impossible for students everywhere to be motivated or prepared for life after high school.

When asked if COVID had caused significant disruption to seniors and their plans, an anonymous student spoke on the challenges and disappointments brought to them. “[They] had to postpone my school trip to Greece that was supposed to be last summer,” the student said.

With the massive loss of jobs and their income, it is no surprise careers and funds have been harder to secure. For many students trying to find jobs, the task can be nearly impossible.

Most companies have become hesitant to hire new people, or have had to let people go due to COVID. This has made the job search significantly harder for young adults. Saving money is incredibly important to seniors that are fixing to move out and support themselves, and the extra challenge in these times to find a source of income adds to the burdensome stress.

“I’ve applied to a lot of places, but I haven’t gotten hired,” said Liliana Silva, a senior at Air Academy, “Due to the fact that workers are getting sick more often, anyone hiring probably doesn’t want to risk new and possibly sick people walking in.”

The student with the postponed trip to Greece laments the job challenges.

“It’s been difficult to work because as cases begin to surge, workplaces start closing down,” said senior Sophia Zuniga, “So far I’ve had to move between four different jobs which has been frustrating.”

Speaking from experience, finding a job has been far more difficult than expected. Many places have not been hiring or do not need new employees. With COVID keeping most crowds at bay, many companies have had slower business and less need for many employees.

On behalf of myself and all students looking to join the workforce, we must press on and keep our heads up while searching for our future careers.

Despite the hardships COVID has brought to the world, there has been some peace of mind to go along with it. Many people have come to realize the life they had before, had been taken for granted.

“Honestly, I feel because of the pandemic I am more prepared for life after high school,” Sophia adds, “High school was the same routine every day and although we were learning, we weren’t really taught any true life skills. But since the pandemic started I have had a lot of time to myself and time to learn all those skills.”