The Senior’s Paradox: Making the Best of the Worst


Senior Jaxon Mawhiney stays positive with some nice music.

At the surface, some may think of this break in school as a blessing. If you had asked me a year ago if I wanted the rest of the year off, I would’ve been adamant in my answer of, “Yes.”

That, was of course before we all learned we weren’t allowed to leave the house.Now, quarantine has turned into a sort of waking nightmare for Air Academy High School’s seniors. As we finish this school year at home, it becomes all the more important to find ways to stay positive.

The seniors at AAHS are having a rough time, and but there are many different ways to keep spirits up.

Even though it isn’t the same as real life, online socialization is a great place to start. Instagram live and FaceTime are godsends in this tough time.

For some, it’s a help to imagine college.

“I’ve been getting by and looking forward to college,” said AAHS senior Annazafira Conkling, who will be attending UCCS. “Hopefully, this whole thing will blow over by next year. It’ll be a fresh start, and I’ll be able to actually see people again.”

Conkling is excited to see what the next chapter in her life brings.

Many seniors are undecided on their college choices. For these seniors, it may be opportune to search online for college options.

For senior Sam Fererra, quarantine has been a different sort of experience.

“We’re all feeling a bit down about it, I’m sure,” said Fererra. “But I’ve been going on drives, and that improves my mood drastically. I may not be able to get out of the car, but it’s cool to just get around.”

If any of the seniors have a driver’s license, it might be a good way to spend time.

“I drive to the places where all my friends tend to hang out,” said Fererra. “It really isn’t the same without anyone there, but it’s still better than sitting in my room.”

Seniors will be excited to hear that the high school graduation may still be hosted on the Air Force Academy this year. Although it may be a bit different than if it was a normal graduation, there may still be a chance for the event.

The chairs will all be spread far apart, and the graduates as well, but the unique graduation will be the best that this year’s seniors can get. Students are waiting to hear if District 20 will be approved for some type of in-person event.

Earlier this year, despite social isolation, the Air Force Academy still had their graduation, prompting the reasoning to still host the AAHS graduation as well but at a later date.

These times are quite bizarre, there’s no denying that. This year may not be all that it was cracked up to be at first, but it’s up to the seniors to keep their heads high and try to get their spirits lifted.

Look back on this year with amused eyes. You made it into the history books, class of 2020. If you can beat social isolation and quarantine, college will be a piece of cake.