What Makes Air Academy Great?


Senior students gather in the outdoor locker room getting pumped for the Powderpuff game.

When I first learned that I might be going to high school on a military base I had no idea what to expect. It seemed weird and foreign to go into, what I expected to be a heavily fortified base. Every school that I had gone to before was nestled in a neighborhood with homes just across the street from the school.

Seniors show off their powderpuff jerseys during senior sunrise.

I first came to Air Academy in December 2019 to tour the school. I also was able to tour Lewis-Palmer and Cheyenne Mountain, but something about Air Academy stood out. Despite the entire school smelling like burning tar at the time due to construction, this school seemed like the right one.

As I walked around the school with counselor Lynda Powell, I realized it just seemed right. The people I passed in the halls seemed nicer and friendlier than at the other schools, and overall, Air Academy felt more welcoming.

Reflecting on my decision a year later, I do not have any regrets about choosing this school and neither do many others who have chosen Air Academy in past years do either.

The 2018 AAHS boys’ swim state team poses at their team dinner before the big meet.

Physics teacher, Brad Boyle said, “Air Academy is a special place and the students here are different than those at other schools. This creates an environment where there are so many friendly and open people.”

Boyle began teaching at Air Academy four years ago, after he worked at Chatfield High School in Jefferson County, Colorado. His experience at Air Academy is great, and he really enjoys that he decided to teach here.

Dena O’Banion, an English teacher, is in her first year at Air Academy, and she has already seen the differences presented by the school too.

O’ Banion said, “One of the main things I find different about Air Academy is the

Band members (from left to right), Ben Hellem, Brendan Young, Cohen Kyle, and Jackson Berry pose with Santa during the Christmas season.

atmosphere. I feel that the students have more freedom to make choices and have a richer high school experience. I also think the people who teach at Air Academy are passionate about their content. I have felt that the teachers and admin strive to better their content and the experience for students.”

Between the administration, teachers, and students, Air Academy creates a much better environment than other schools. I moved from a school of about 3,000 students and it felt like everyone in the school was much more distant from one another than at Air Academy.

New Spanish teacher Beth Carlson agrees with this, and she said, “I think our administration is made up of some of the most passionate and compassionate educators that I have ever met. The students are individuals and it seems that most are able to express themselves for who they are and what they love to do.”

This makes for a special school where people are able to be themselves and it is easier to find friends who share your interests. It is by far the best school that I have ever attended and I have no regrets moving here.