The Best Days of High School


From left: senior Cori Campbell, senior Gavin Garret Johnson, senior Julia Helle and senior Amber Musselman.

High school is a very important time in the lives of many people. It’s when people meet lifelong friends and try to decide who they want to be.

These four years are monumental in a person’s life.

As the senior class of 2018-19 graduates in just a few short weeks, many of these seniors have shed some light on their favorite high school memories in and out of school.

Senior Aiden Cowan said that certain classes and spectacular teachers are what have made the largest impact on his high school experience.

“Certain classes were fun, like Advanced Placement United States History (APUSH). Gorr is like the best teacher ever,” said Cowan.

Senior Jacob Neasbitt shared his favorite memory, which took place on the set of an Air Academy production.

“My favorite memory was being a part of Les Miserables, because of how close the rest of the cast and I were, and how good the final performance was.”

A huge part of high school is getting involved.

“I had a lot of fun playing soccer and pushing the limits of teachers,” said class clown Mathew Stoltenberg.

Senior Mathew Stoltenberg playing soccer.

High school is the time when many people mature and learn valuable life lessons. High school is extremely involved, and may push people out of their comfort zones. Though this may be true, a high level of maturity and kindness is easily seen throughout the senior class.

Playing a sport allows students to be a part of a team. It also allows students to learn certain disciplines such as respect and team work.

“My most memorable moment in high school was when I cheered with my best friend, Harleigh Boyer, at the 2018-19 homecoming game. We were on the JV cheer team, however, that night we cheered with varsity and I got to be a flier when I’ve never flown before, and it was the best night of my life,” said senior Marie Story.

Senior golfer Ethan Bloomfield explained his favorite moment, “My favorite memory was qualifying for state because it seemed impossible freshman year.”

Senior Ethan Bloomfield after qualifying.

Sports events at Air Academy are special, and they are something many seniors will miss deeply. These events allow students to bond over one something they all have in common: being a Kadet, regardless of grade or friend group.

“My favorite memory was the freshman year Cheyenne Mountain football game because it was the first game of the year and it was rowdy,” said senior Hunter Koloski.

There’s something about the blue and silver stands, the rumble from the bleachers and the buzz of one crowd unified against the same enemy.

Clubs are also a huge part of Air Academy culture.

“My most memorable moment from high school at Air Academy was being a link crew leader because I was able to create amazing bonds with incoming freshman and was able to make new friends with juniors, seniors, and freshman,” said senior Nyah Stier.

Link Crew is responsible for introducing freshman and transfer students into Air Academy’s high school atmosphere. It’s the one club most freshman will all be influenced by, and now this year’s juniors are the ones directing these new students. This passing of the torch represents how many seniors feel they are coming “full circle.”

Beyond the clubs, athletics and educational aspects of high school, the people often are what make the high school adventure a memorable one.

“I’ll always remember the people in high school. I met some of the greatest and most influential people I’ve ever known,” said senior Julia Helle.

Senior Seth Nelson said, “Prom was great because I got to spend time with a bunch of dope people. I got to see my friend Jay Jay who I haven’t seen in a while and I got to hang with a new group [of people] which was fun.”

Many friends who met in high school will be lifelong friends. They will attend each others weddings, babysit each others kids and smile when they receive each others Christmas cards.

These bonds will be tested by distance and time but high school is a time when people depend on each other. This dependence creates deep bonds that were never made to be broken.

In high school, people are given many new freedoms. These may seem scary or overwhelming, but they are what makes high school the scariest most amazing four years of many peoples lives.

Senior Gavin Garret Johnson explained, “Chase [Giglio] just got his licence, first out of all of us, and it was the first time we just drove for no reason. Him, Matt [Stoltenberg] and I were having a good time and we were no longer constructed to the confines of our parents schedules.”

Other times it is the little things that make the biggest impact in a student’s life.

“Through the years, yearbook signing day has always been my favorite day because I’ve been able to write love notes to everyone I know and tell them how special they are to me. There is no sweeter moment than reading all the kind things people say to you and knowing that they’re special to you as well,” explained senior Cori Campbell. “I always go back and read them when I’m sad and it makes my day.”

High school may seem like the longest four years of your life until it finally comes to an end. As seniors prepare to graduate, many are realizing this is an end to a very important chapter in their lives. Thousands of memories were created during these four years of ups and downs.

The seniors may be leaving, but these memories are forever.