The Best Day of Your Life


Sophomore Jett Neubacher eating his first ever Cinnabon

When trying to single out the best day of their lives, most people were stumped. Picking one day that outshines all the others is a difficult task.

Best days are usually thought to be spent with friends or family, and are usually filled with groundbreaking or life-altering experiences. However, the best day of one’s life doesn’t have to alter their view of the world; it can simply be a day filled with happiness, a day where nothing went wrong.

No one wakes up expecting the best day of their life.

A good day is specific to the person. One person’s great day could be another person’s ordinary, or even worst, day.

The best day of sophomore Jett Neubacher’s life was simple.

“It was October 27, 2018. [It was] the day I had my first Cinnabon,” Neubacher recalled. “The Cinnabon was really good. I’m allergic to dairy, but it was worth it.”

Sometimes the smallest things can make a day significant. For Neubacher, this was the case.

Forensics teacher Maria Martinez couldn’t choose a single best day of her life; therefore, she talked about the best day she had in 2018.

“I was fostering three kids, and one day we went to the park. There was a water park and the kids made sandcastles. I ran around the park in this little wooded area. We got lunch after and it was really beautiful. It was a great day.”

Martinez smiled, radiating happiness as she recalled this day.

Neubacher and Martinez’s “best days” were spent with friends and family. They did simple, almost ordinary activities, but these days made an impact on them; they were thought about almost immediately, and were described with smiling faces and beaming eyes.

Milestones also tend to be great days.

“Graduating college and getting a job at Air Academy were both great days,” said math teacher Maille O’Neil. “Seeing my hard-work pay off was extremely rewarding.”

Graduations are usually the end of one chapter of life and the beginning of another. Being celebrated for hard work and commitment is an extremely special experience, usually spent surrounded by friends and family.

Junior Kate Farhart singled out the best day of her life almost instantly.

“The best day of my life was when my family traveled all the way to China to adopt my sister,” said Farhart. “The day I met her was the best day of my life.”

This day was memorable, and marked the end of a long journey for Farhart and her family. It also opened a new chapter in her life- Farhart now had a sister.

Some people have one day that easily outshines all the others, while others have a few days that were highly impactful and created lifelong memories.

In a society that focuses so much on bad days, it’s important to reflect on the good ones too. Good days deserve just as much attention. Thinking about monumental moments and simple, carefree days reminds people of how great life can be.