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Transfer Students Consider Making the Switch to Air Academy

Choice Night Is a Hit Among Prospective Kadets
Kaitlyn Marks
Mr. Olson gives a comprehensive overview of Air Academy’s educational programs at Choice Night.

For those unable to attend on January 24, Choice Night at Air Academy High School was a big success. Not a seat was empty, and every bit of standing room was filled with eager families waiting to learn about Air Academy’s many offerings and opportunities for education.

“The point of Choice Night is for people who would not naturally come to Air Academy, but think they might want to. It’s their chance to just window shop and see if they like what Air Academy is about,” Assistant Principal Ms. Walhof explained precisely, “It’s just a quick taste, like a charcuterie board of what Air Academy has to offer.” 

Through live panel discussions, presentations by staff and administrators, and tours led by JROTC members Choice Night served as an opportunity to discuss what makes Air Academy unique.

“I’ve gotten a really good vibe from the school. Everyone seems so friendly and welcoming,” an anonymous parent stated while touring the school at Choice Night. 

Although some schools are especially cutthroat regarding rank, GPA, and test scores, Air Academy takes a relatively laissez-faire approach to education, producing well-rounded, passionate students who are prepared for life after high school. 

“I feel as though we balance very strong academics with areas where students can pursue their passions,” Mr. Olson said. 

With new Career and Technical Education courses being offered at the school, this couldn’t be more true. From aviation to cinematic literature, Air Academy covers a broad spectrum of curricular programs and non-scholastic activities. 

“I was excited to go to Air Academy because I wanted to find a sensible learning. I found that within the staff, my coaches, my friends, and my family. It just felt right. It felt like home, and it continues to feel like home for me,” junior Amiah Wilson Damerell said.  

As a student-athlete, Amiah expressed her gratitude for the accommodations that Air Academy provides for students with commitments to both academics and athletics. 

Like Damerell, Julia Miller, a former student at Discovery Canyon Campus, also transferred to Air Academy as a junior. A large factor in her decision was the commute, but also the business and marketing program run by DECA and FBLA advisors, Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Bornhofen. With their guidance, Julia has thrived in the classroom and outside of school, in DECA tournaments and FBLA competitions. 

“I’ve been in secondary education in Colorado for 23 years. I’ve worked at probably six or seven high schools and supported even more than that. What I love about Air Academy is that we have a human first attitude. We want to get to know people for who they are before we care about what they can do as scholars,” Walhof said. 

One of the reasons she said she came to Air Academy and stayed is because if there were ever a decision that had to be made between tradition and what was right, Air Academy would always choose what was right. 

Upholding the reputation of one of the best schools in District 20, Air Academy always strives to put its students first. Combining a commitment to integrity and progress with strong academic programming and extracurricular activities gives the school not only a competitive edge but truly makes choosing Air Academy an easy choice. 

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Kaitlyn Marks
Kaitlyn Marks, Op-Ed Editor
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