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New Year Brings in New Cheer Coach

Highlighting the open position of head coach for AAHS cheer.
David Valencia
AAHS Cheer 2023-2024 team

As of early December 2023, Air Academy High School (AAHS) cheerleading has been without a head cheer coach. Currently, Isabel Perkins stands as assistant coach and has temporarily stepped in as head coach until the position can be filled. The head coach position is currently open for hire.

“There are a few things I’m looking in for a head coach. Winning or losing is not as important to me as making sure we pick someone who provides a positive experience for the athletes on the team,” Perkins shared.   

AAHS Cheer stands as a 5A All Girl-Comp Style Competitive cheer team. Currently, holding 6 state titles between 2001-2012. Placing 12th at the 2022-2023 state competition. This year’s team holds a total of 15 girls, 9 of whom have never cheered prior to this year.                                                                                                                                    

This 2023-2024 season AAHS cheer has taken a year off from competing in order to build the team. A head coach is crucial to this due to the fact the position primarily runs practice. Due to the absence of a head coach, the team technique has declined due to minimal practice. 

“Practice dynamics have been less intense compared to how they have been years prior. Since our practice is around 45 minutes only before home games we typically have to move quickly through things rather than taking our time to work focus on technique,” junior captain of AAHS Cheer Campbell Huskisson shared.

Decreasing practice from two hours to forty-five minutes and only before games rather than several times a week is a definite hit to the teams efficiency. Isabel Perkins is the dive coach for Girls Dive at AAHS alongside her coaching position in cheer.

Dive practice conflicts with the ability to hold separate practice for cheer which is why the need for a head coach is so important along with many other factors.

“Coaching two sports at once isn’t easy for sure. It is a lot of work and sometimes I feel very overwhelmed, but honestly if it wasn’t for the athletes I get to coach I wouldn’t be able to do it,” Perkins expressed.

While the head and assistant coach work alongside one another, having a head coach who has full attention on the team is crucial. This gives the ability for practice to be consistent and follow a strong structure. During this basketball season, AAHS student and cheer captain Versais Marken, choreographed a routine for her fellow teammates to help assist Coach Perkins through this chaotic season. 

“I appreciate the work that Versais puts into this team to help assist Coach Perkins as she has not had the time to create a routine. Since having no head coach, our captains Versais and Campbell have been great role models for us,” senior Leonor Marlow explained.

The past head coach, Lauren Beech, held her position for five years. Currently Elleigh Sullivan and Versais Marken have been a part of the team for three years starting their freshman year. Bailey Williams and Campbell Huskisson have been on the team for two years. This will be the first time these girls will be learning from a different head coach which is an amazing opportunity.

As the position for head coach is open for new hires AAHS Cheer team is staying positive and excited for this upcoming season to come. While this will be a big change for many, the opportunity for a new coach will give the current standing teammates and those to come the ability to learn new skills and techniques to achieve them.  

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