Winter Sports Shift to Spring!

What does an athlete’s life look like during the winter post season and spring preseason?


Pictured are sophomores Emma Fisher (top left), Farrah Dozier (top right), Rehven Wilkins (bottom left), and Amiah Damerell (bottom right) posing on the Air Academy grass fields after the last girl’s soccer game of the 2022-2023 season.

The winter sports season is coming to a close, which means the spring sports season is about to begin. While the winter sports season was an exciting and joy-filled time for the student-athletes of Air Academy High School, the up-and-coming spring season has been anticipated for many weeks. The time during the postseason and preseason looks different for every athlete. Whether they are planning to take a rest period or beginning their training for the next sport, athletes have a lot to look forward to. 

Most high school athletes that participated in a winter sport are currently involved in the playoff process, but for elementary and middle school students, they participated in a tournament that is similar to high school playoffs. This is the moment that athletes have prepared from since their preseason in November. 

“During the tournament, I think we really worked together as a team to get as many points as possible and to win,” seventh grader Brayden Wilson described.

Even though it was a fun and fulfilling time, athletes are ready for the next best activity.

“I loved all the girls on my team and I’ll miss spending every day after school with them and becoming closer,” sophomore Rehven Wilkins stated.

For some athletes, they are going straight from one sport to another. This process is busy yet rewarding. The change in sports can be difficult but the passion and determination that athletes possess make it a little easier. In some ways, they use the winter season to help prepare them for the spring season. 

“I have mainly been eating a lot; getting as much food and nutrients as I can in me for the upcoming football/track season,” sophomore Alexander Drago explained.

Several athletes have been preparing for this spring season since their previous spring postseason. As the preseason begins, these athletes have prepared to the best of their ability to ensure they have the best season possible. 

“This will pay off during football/track season because of all the strength I have gained from it,” Drago continued.

Having a beneficial and productive preseason is important, especially when starting a new sport.

“I’m doing track this year and I’m nervous because it’s my first time but I’m excited,” Wilkins said.

The transition time period is an interesting part of an athlete’s life. The harder they work, the easier it will be. There are a lot of ways to make this time as smooth as possible.

Advice, especially coming from someone who has been in this situation before, should be listened to and taken seriously. In the sports community, athletes try their best to support one another during this difficult time.

“Trust the process, be efficient, work hard and you’ll excel at what you plan to do,” Drago advised.

Although working hard should be a priority to athletes, so should be taking care of themselves.

“Don’t be hard on yourself and don’t push yourself to your breaking point. Try to level yourself out so that you have the best performance out of you possible,” Wilson noted.

The transition of sports seasons, not matter the time of year, has a lot to offer. It is a very advantageous time for athletes who take the opportunity to make it beneficial to them. Athletes all over the world, and especially at AAHS, are ready for their spring season to show off all the wonderful talent they have to offer.