The D20 Job Fair Gives Opportunity

The Job Fair is an event that helps District 20 to hire passionate teachers and people who want to work with the district.


Riley Carrol

The District 20 job fair focused on hiring the best candidates for the district.

The District 20 (D20) job fair was an event held on February 25th, 2023 at Liberty High School and its main purpose was to bring people who were interested in the education field new jobs in the school districts. Each person there participated for different reasons and purposes. There were a variety of people at the event and an even bigger variety of jobs they could apply for.

“I am just looking to get as many interviews as possible and get my name out there and possibly get a job,” Daphne Aganon, a potential elementary school teacher, excitedly said.

With the large number of people there at the job fair, some people’s goals went higher than just getting their name out there. Some wanted to even teach up a level then they were previously teaching before. Andrew Busovsky was previously an elementary teacher and was looking for a higher position. He discussed his goals and what he had hoped to get out of the job fair. 

“I was an elementary teacher before and I’m looking for a higher position to teach at a middle school,” Busovsky said with hope. 

The goals of the participants at the job fair seem to be driven out of love and passion for teaching. Air Academy High School principal, Dan Olson, thought that this job fair helped bring out people who are truly interested in teaching and have a passion for teaching the youth. 

“… It takes a lot of effort to actually show up in person and want a job teaching,” Olson said in high hopes. 

While the job fair is very beneficial to people who already have jobs and teaching degrees, what about the people who do not have a set career path for their life? This fair provided the perfect opportunity for fresh starts in a new careers, especially for those who may have had troubles with the transition. D20 information technology faculty member, Jeff Pitman, spoke on the personal experience he has had with the troubles on finding jobs.

“… I have a son who graduated college and after he finished all his years of school he was completely burnt out on the subject he wanted to major in. He found a job at Air Academy as a custodian and he likes the job so I think job fairs are good places to set your career path,” Pittman said energetically. 

Even people who are still studying to work in the education field claim that the Job Fair helps them to get their name out there and set up a future career path for them.

“I’m a student teacher right now so yeah I think the job fair helps post graduates or people about to graduate to set there career path for themselves,” Faith Swenson, a student teacher, said in regards of searching for a job.

In all, the job fair was a major success! Many people found their way around the job fair in hopes of getting a new job, and most will hopefully get a call back for an interview. With the feedback given from all candidates at the job fair, D20 exceeded in its goal to help potential people out there find a job.