How Elite Level Lacrosse Teams Prepare

Air Academy’s lacrosse team preparing for the upcoming season.

All sports need good qualities to run smoothly and be successful. Air Academy’s lacrosse team is a prime example of a well-rounded competitive team. In the 2022 lacrosse season, the boys team was at the top of the 4a division. 

The team got to the finals, but unfortunately, lost to Cheyenne Mountain High School. Having the talent and skill to be in the top 5 of the lacrosse teams is impressive.

“The most important trait in a game to be successful is determination and working hard, we have to be willing to work harder and give more effort in drills to be great,” sophomore lacrosse player, Aaron Maline, mentioned.

Success in this sport comes downs to mainly basics, working hard, and wanting to be the best in the division. Coordination is also a crucial part of getting the ball up the field and moving back to defend. These qualities are incredibly hard to do in a game and just in practice because everything has to be perfect to score and succeed.

Although it takes a lot of practice on the field, there is still a lot that needs to be done off the field such as eating properly, strength training, as well as agility training. These practices makes the players better at their sport because it gives them more power behind shots and helps with defense.

Players also need to be incredibly strong and powerful to stand ground in a game, which takes a lot of training. Lacrosse training is not just playing the sport, but also focusing on strength training, field awareness, and position.

“Our training includes weightlifting, positional/ field organization. During the season we practice 5 days a week when we do not have games,” Maline stated

Strength training is super important in the game of lacrosse because of how physical lacrosse can get.

Grant Rodney pushing past Cheyenne Mountain player

“I think last year we had some big guys and at times we still seemed to struggle with physicality, so this year there has definitely been an emphasis on the off season. I know we have been getting guys in the weightroom,” sophomore lacrosse goalie, Luke Mclellan, mentioned

Maline also mentioned that the team did a lot of chemistry work for the team using a program called Lead ‘Em Up.

“Last year we did the Lead ‘Em Up program and that really helped out team chemistry and a family like bond,” Maline communicated

All sports take teamwork but with lacrosse it needs so much more than other sports, because almost every player gets the ball. Teamwork between the offensive and defensive sides need to be airtight in order to succeed. 

“I think that, you know, lacrosse is the fastest game on two feet and obviously there’s never been a lacrosse game that just one player has won by themselves, so it is a team effort,” McLellan stated

All things considered, the sport of lacrosse takes a lot more than just passing and shooting. Players need communication, a brother like bond, strength, and toughness. With all of the information players gave, the team wants that championship and all seem very motivated to achieve that goal.