8th Grade Information Night

Want to learn more about Air Academy High School? Here’s your chance!


AAHS Kadet Productions

Shown (from left to right) is senior Cai Gunn, senior Jonah Illsley, and senior Gabby Kroto sharing their experiences at Air Academy High School during the January 19th, 2023 Choice Night in the Media Center.

As the 2022-2023 is slowly but surely coming to a close, Air Academy High School begins prepping for the new school year. Preparation includes hosting Choice Nights or Future Kadet Nights to give families the opportunity to decide if AAHS is in fact the place for them. Students from any grade are welcomed and encouraged to partake in these events. For those who attend, they will be able to get tours of the school by AAHS students and meet the staff. They will also be able to get school merchandise and engage in games and activities. 

There are so many great schools for families to choose from in the Colorado Springs area, however, it’s all a matter of deciding which one will fit the family the best.

“The schools in District 20 all have great programs, great teachers, and great cultures,” AAHS principal, Mr. Daniel Olson, described.

Credits: AAHS KADET Productions
Pictured is Air Academy High Schools principal, Mr. Daniel Olson, explaining to families the culture Air Academy has created.

Attending the choice night gives families the opportunity to visualize what they’re lives could be like if AAHS is there choice for school.

“Whether you have already decided you’re going to come to Air Academy , or you’re school shopping and looking at other D20 schools or schools in the area, you really can’t go wrong,” Olson explained.

 No matter where they choose, they should choose the best option for them.

“I want you guys to get that feeling and figure out exactly what’s best for you and your students and what’s best for your future as a student here in District 20,” Olson continued.

For students that are nervous or anxious about starting high school,  transferring  or choosing into the district, this information night is a chance for them to gain clarity and to ease some nerves. 

Deciding what is best for the students and their families can be stressful, overwhelming, and even at some points scary. However, the staff and students at AAHS have made a safe and supportive environment. 

“I decided on Air Academy because, even as a middle schooler, I just really felt super welcomed by all the staff here,” junior Ella McCauley commented. 


Attending school’s choice nights is the best way to put student’s and their family’s best foot forwards on their individual journeys of high school.

Shown is Air Academy’s assistant principal and athletic director, Kali Maxwell, explaining to families all the sports that Air Academy has to offer.“I remember four years ago I was in the same place as you guys. I was going to the choice nights at all the different schools. I think ultimately Air Academy was the only school that could give me what I need academically and socially,” senior Jonah Illsley stated.

AAHS offers a secure place for students to be unapologetically themselves. This allows students the confidence needed to flourish in school

Being surrounded by people who students can relate to and people who they are inspired by is a motivation factor for multiple individuals when choosing a school. 

“I’m surrounded by students who want to learn and that are dedicated to their work. As a student who is dedicated to my work, I feel like I am in a community that I have a better chance of learning,” senior Cai Gunn expressed.

This years choice night or 8th Grade information night was held on Thursday, February 9th, 2023 and it was a massive success!