Looking Forward to Second Semester!

What are the students and staff of Air Academy High School doing to stay motivated during the second semester?


Amiah Wilson-Damerell

Sophomore Demi Bamesberger is shown sitting down and working hard on her geometry homework.

The students and staff of Air Academy High School have just started their second semester of the 2022-2023 school year. There is a lot that everyone has had to do in order to prepare. This can be a stressful and overwhelming time for some people, however, there are a lot of great ways to handle it.


Some people look forward to their new found free time they have gained from last semester to get a head start on their school work. This can help the second semester not feel so uncontrollable academically.


“I have a lot of stuff to do and catch up on. I also wanna get good grades,” sophomore Liz Kimble stated.


For teachers the new semester is an exciting time. They get to teach new units with new students that are eager to learn. 


“In my geometry class, I’m looking forward to teaching trigonometry because it’s an entire unit based on triangles. It doesn’t get any better than that,” math teacher Barry Schneiderman described.


Another thing that people look forward to, is a certain time or event they have been waiting for. The feeling of anticipation is something that most people greatly enjoy. In the context of school, some may look forward to sports games, dances, and other school sponsored events.


“I’m looking forward to getting to know lifelong friends that I can go to college with,” senior Brennan Groth said.


Students and staff alike tend to set personal goals for themselves in the spirit of the new year. New beginnings can inspire people to improve various aspects of their life for the better. There are a lot of different goals people can set for themselves. It may have something to do with academics or it may have to do with certain opportunities.


“By May of 2023 I want to take my ASVAB for the Air National Guard and start my journey there,” Groth noted.


Some goals are set to be achieved once the semester is finished.


“This semester I want to work towards getting a job [for] the summer,” Kimble explained.


Sometimes people need a little bit of inspiration or ideas to help come up with their goals. They are not alone since luckily there is a lot of advice people have to offer.


“One thing that helps me is listening to music,” Kimble noted.


Hearing advice from those who have been in their situation before can greatly benefit the people that choose to listen.


“The thing that should be motivating [students] now is ‘I’m about to be an adult and I need to make sure I’m as smart as I can be and that I have all the talent that I need to take me to that next level,” Schneiderman commented.


School should not be a place where individuals feel overwhelmed, and it does not have to be.


“What should be motivating ambitious high school students is: where am I gonna go next and I wanna make sure I get this knowledge whether I love it or like it or don’t like it that much,” Scheiderman added.