Air Academy High School Link Crew

What does the common phrase “Link Crew” mean? What do Link Leaders do?

Many students have heard the common phrase “Link Crew” but how many students really know what Link Crew is? Link Crew consists of a group of Air Academy High School students that are committed to welcoming and providing support for new students joining AAHS. Link leaders go out of their way to make sure the transition from middle school to high school is less intimidating and more fun! This is where AAHS’s fantastic Link Crew comes in! But what made these awesome link leaders want to join Link Crew and how have their efforts impacted students? 

“I joined link crew because I know I was really nervous to start high school and I want to make sure that new people joining feel reassured. I also really love helping people and I wanted the freshmen to be introduced to Air Academy in a positive and welcome way,” senior Sydney Stinson noted.

Stinson explained how coming into her freshmen year, she felt extremely welcomed by her link leaders. Due to this, Stinson has felt called to be a mentor to the new students who joined AAHS. Coming into a new school can be scary, but our AAHS link crew does an outstanding job of making students feel comfortable and accepted!

But does the presence of Link Crew disappear after orientation day? The answer is no.

The process of joining Link Crew is not an easy one. Sponsors Joann Cassano and Alison Kelly ensure that they select students who will contribute more to the group than just the social aspect of it. Students are selected for the long run, not just for orientation day.

“I definitely formed some solid friendships by joining link crew. I formed a lot of deep friendships with my link group through meaningful connections both in and out of link crew,” senior Finn Horsfall stated.

It’s no surprise that our Link leaders love doing what they do! They have compassion for all new students joining AAHS, whether they are excited, scared, or nervous! But how have underclassmen joining been affected by their Link leader’s efforts?

“I was definitely nervous to start high school. The label of high school was really intimidating to me. But when I came to orientation and met my link leaders, I was reassured that even though it’s scary, I have people there to support me,” sophomore Fletcher Childress explained. 

Childress expressed how he believes Link Crew is a big part of AAHS, and that the attitude of his leaders gave him a good idea of what AAHS was like. He even proceeded to explain how he has felt inspired to join Link Crew when he is able to!

Needless to say, AAHS has done a stellar job at building a Link Crew program full of students eager to help others. Link Crew leaders have been beyond successful with their efforts to welcome new students joining our school.