Mr. Gunn’s New Influence at AAHS

Mr. Gunn, the newest history teacher and basketball coach at Air Academy, has given a new light to students and staff.


Drew Lyle

Mr. Gunn starting his B4 class off with good things. Students Jake Brader (12) and Madison Bowels (12) pictured.

“I see people. I don’t see where you came from. I don’t see your struggles; I see you,” Christopher Gunn, the newest history teacher and basketball coach at Air Academy High School, stated.

The instability of a missing teacher before Gunn’s presence has been seen through the entire social studies department along with the students. This deeply affected the social studies department. History teacher, Barry Clark, elaborated on this transition. 

“We had to kind of adapt and deal with the current issue. Ms. Grove stepped up and did a phenomenal job as a long-term sub. Our first effort was to support her and help her be able to reach the kids so that they were still getting some sort of education,” Clark expressed. 

AAHS was not just solely affected, Gunn’s previous school expressed sadness to see him go, but supported the decision to pursue a new opportunity. 

Gunn is motivated by his students, especially when witnessing who they are and what life looks like in the now. This love for students has already made an impact on the school and radiates through the hallways.

Although it is only his first month, students like senior Logan Klopfenstein have been moved by Gunn. 

“You’ve only been here for about three days and already you are one of my favorite teachers,” Klopfenstein stated.  

Considering the lack of teachers for the students, Gunn’s presence has allowed for positive improvements. 

“The kids were missing out on the early connection building to teacher. There are a lot of relationships built in those first weeks. I think he is going to do a great job building relationships with people and giving us a little more to improve our department just by being here,” Clark remarked. 

This new addition to the school has allowed students to connect with their teacher regardless of the missed first few weeks. They are sharing an experience of unity within days of meeting Gunn. 

“He’s immediately coming in and I think, for a lot of us and from what I’ve been hearing all around, he is more or less giving a solidified stance already and it is very comforting,” Klopfenstein voiced. 

Other ways that Gunn improves the social dynamics are through his ideologies, which allow students to grow in the environment he created. 

“I’m not the person that says I know everything because I don’t. I like learning from students, it helps me continue to grow and I don’t stay stuck. I always say I can have a conversation with a young adult and get the perspective of how they see the world,” Gunn stated. 

Gunn’s belief about hearing out his students has been a big contributing factor to how those who attend his lectures and participate throughout class view him. 

 “I already know he cares, I already know he’s a good person, and I already know if I need someone he’ll be there,” Klopfenstein added. 

The positivity spread by Gunn is not just present at the school, but also in his personal life. 

“I learned this a few years ago, YOLO (You Only Live Once), you got to enjoy those moments. When they’re gone, they’re gone, you can’t get them back. The thing we can’t get back most and that is so precious is time. So enjoy it and make the best out of it,” Gunn advised. 

Gunn has created a new kind of warmth to AAHS and through his class and ideologies, he has created a learning environment that enriches both students and staff. For those who do not know him, Gunn wants to know everyone he can, he is located in room 105 and welcomes everyone to chat with him. 

“I’m chill–come talk to me. I listen to people. I don’t judge people. I like to have fun,” Gunn characterized.