Summer is the Perfect Opportunity for Growth

During summer, students at Air Academy High School are able to prioritize things other than school work such as, relationships, self- love, and saving money.


Anna Barber is able to have her best friend Alyssa come out and visit Colorado during the summer.

Summertime is coming up in a few months and most students and staff at Air Academy High School are extremely excited. Summer gives people the opportunity to grow in their own lives. The ability to make relationships stronger, give time to one’s self, and start dealing with money in a smart manner are all things that people can accomplish during the summer.

Creating and Mending Relationships

During the school year, relationships and close bonds tend to drift and are not as strong anymore. With plenty of free time, people are able to dedicate more time to their friends and family. Most students prioritize school work and grades over their friendships and family because that is what is most important in the moment, but that is not the case during the summer.

“Summer will be a good opportunity to help with relationships in my life as it will give me the chance to hangout with friends more often as well as prioritize my well-being and the well being of others rather than schoolwork,” junior Ember Lorezel commented. 

There are three or four months when students have the most free time to prioritize other things that are important. Schoolwork is important, but the people that you share your life with are just as important.

Self- Love

People do not give enough time to themselves during the school months and summer is a fantastic chance to work on personal issues and growth. There is usually more than enough downtime in the summer and what better way to spend it than taking care of personal things.

 “Summer gives me the opportunity to work on myself because it is almost a reset. I get to spend time with friends and family and do things that I enjoy. I get to try new things and go out of my comfort zone for things and have fun doing it. It is so relaxing to me and it is a really nice break from the stress of my future or grades. I get to focus on the now and not being stuck on what’s going to happen,” junior Ellie Schwenke described. 

Getting out of a comfort zone is one thing that makes someone happy and can give a new purpose to life. Hobbies and doing things that create happiness are all forms of self-love and growth.

Work and Money

Many people ask their jobs for more hours during the summer because that creates more money and new ways to spend or save that money. Some people spend their whole summers working so that they can create new memories or save money for the future.

“During the summer, I am able to work more hours and focus on saving and budgeting. I don’t need to worry about any expenses related to school during the summer so it is much easier for me to save, ” junior Anna Barber explained. 

Students are just getting used to the idea of budgeting and saving their money. People realize that living in the world is not cheap and they need some kind of experience with treating money as an adult. The expenses of school are off the table, so that makes it easier to put that money away.

Great Opportunity

Great opportunities are given to students during the summer. Focusing on other priorities rather than school is a breath of fresh air, and people truly take advantage of it.