Air Academy Girl’s Lacrosse


The Air Academy’s Girls’ lacrosse team joining together after winning a game.

Besides the splashing of swimming, the feet running on a track, and the kicks of soccer balls, the feet of rumbling and lacrosse sticks have begun to be heard. The sport of running, catching, and passing the ball with a lacrosse stick is here! Spring sports have approached and lacrosse has begun where young girls on the team join with their coaches and teammates again.

The girl’s lacrosse team at Air Academy High School is to be more involved in the sport, create a friendly environment, and win as one together as a team. As well as, building relationships with student-athletes while ensuring they embody responsibility, humility, and leadership characteristics both on and off the field through high school and into their future. 

The AAHS girl’s lacrosse team runs practices every day from 5:00-7:00 p.m. where they perform drills such as running, dodging, as well as right and left shooting, catching, and passing. The fundamental skills of lacrosse include cradling, scooping, throwing, and catching. Each of these drills supports the fact of being able to master those drills is essential to success in the game. Fortunately, the girl’s team at AAHS has mastered these sets of skills.

“Our practices are very fun because the team is like a family and we get to spend time together and improve at the same time. So far the season is going great and we are undefeated, we have some harder games coming up but I think we can push through, ” freshman Kennedy Evers mentioned.

The work ethic is just as important because it does not just benefit each individual but benefits the team and allows for these athletes to perform at their strongest together. The difference between an average player and a player with a strong work ethic is their willingness to work hard and their dedication to the sport and the team.

“Lacrosse is super fun but takes a lot of effort and hard work. It’s truly very team-based and we all need to work together to be successful,” Evers pronounced.

The season has been incredibly successful because they have won all three games that have been played thus far. Having a supportive environment allows the chance for each individual to be pushed to do their best, work together as a team, and have fun while playing this sport. 

“ The season has been the best and so fun so far! We have won three games and lost no games. The girls on the team are so supportive and nice, they are so welcoming and push you to do your best, “ freshman Charli Roberts vocalized. 

Building relationships with the coaches and other teammates allows for the opportunity for the players to strengthen their bonds and create a welcoming environment. Enhancing a supportive, hardworking, accepting, and competitive environment is one of the best environments since it grants more opportunities of working together as a team and achieve a winning game.

This AAHS girls lacrosse team demonstrates how learning and coming together to work towards a goal is extremely important. The players work hard, sweat, practice, plan, and play together. Overcoming different obstacles within the team allows for a great way to develop lifelong friendships.