Scholarships, Jobs, Internships – D20 Has Them All

My article talks about the opportunities D20 has to offer and how to apply for these positions.

Students taking the opportunity to work at AAHS.

There are many intriguing activities at any District 20 (D20) school but as a whole, there is so much more to offer. On the D20 main website, it shows a whole section for jobs, scholarships, and internships.

Teenagers make up most of D20 and teens are always looking for ways to make, receive, and use money. Having opportunities like this from such a well-designed school is something from another time. This information can be found on the D20 website > careers > viewing their jobs.

These current and upcoming generations are going to have the resources to easily become whatever they want. The district is giving us the convenience to find opportunities like these from a website. I asked a few AAHS students and teachers what they thought of this program.

“Having the chance to take up offers like this is so great for our future. The best part about having technology is so we can better ourselves and our future. This type of opportunity to find jobs, internships, and scholarships is something that will benefit us all,” sophomore Elijah Ayala stated.

There are internships to be a teacher, janitor, chef, and technology administrator. All these options are currently available through the D20 website. If interested in these types of internships and possible jobs I would suggest that students look on the D20 website.

Local, regional, national and collegiate-sponsored scholarship opportunities are also available on the D20 website. These scholarships are more focused on building a college education early on. For instance, Air Academy High School offers scholarships to Pikes Peak Community College.

“I scrolled through the AAHS website to look at these scholarships and a lot of them interested me. There is such a wide variety of scholarships and internships that I’m interested in. I love how our administration is trying their best to put these upcoming generations in their correct spot,” sophomore Jadyn Selecky explained.

On the district’s website, Naviance is hyperlinked to help pick and choose the best scholarships and jobs for any D20 student in middle school and above. There is a quiz on the website that guides paths on picking what career path would be best. There is a wide variety of careers that are listed in Naviance according to a student’s quiz results.

Architecture, construction, finance, education, and marketing are just a few of the many scholarships and internships AAHS has to offer. If one clicks the type of scholarship that has interested them, it shows upcoming events, the employment outlook, related majors, and plan of study. All of these details are shown inside the pathway description.

“I have used Naviance before to look at the scholarships that AAHS has to offer and it was really interesting finding all the opportunities. I plan on using this website to help find what kind of career is right for me. I also want to find some internships that relate to my choice and test if I enjoy my possible future job,” sophomore Jeremiah Day said.

Looking at what multiple students have said about these scholarships and internships it is clear that the D20 community is interested in bettering their future and ready to get it started.