Air Academy’s DECA Members Prepare for State


The Deca team gathers together to pose before a competition.

With the district competition checked off the list, the DECA program at Air Academy anticipates a highly successful state this upcoming February. An awards ceremony will be held on December 14th to announce the finalists of districts, who will then proceed to the state competition, and AAHS DECA program could not be more excited.

There are many steps to take when preparing for DECA competitions in advance. In order to be as sharp and prepped as possible, the club members should consider following these steps. All of the club members should start by studying their specified material.

“Before joining Deca, I had no clue about all the business knowledge I would absorb. It can be like a second language, so studying the terminology of it all helps a lot before competition,” sophomore Jake Wike stated.

The members of DECA use their class time wisely and with the help of the program teacher, Aly Johnson, it enables students to receive support and thoroughly prep them for anything that might get thrown at them on competition day.

“Whenever we take notes, watch a video or study in Mrs. J’s class, I learn a lot. I feel a lot more informed of how I should perform for competitions. I hope to make it to state this year!,” junior Alicia Elliot exclaimed.

Studying beforehand calms the nerves of DECA members as soon as they enter the prep room. Comprehension of the prompt is something that helps many of the students perform and place well. In addition to studying, practicing is also a crucial part of performing well on competition day.

It’s true what they say, practice does make perfect. Something so unique about AAHS DECA club is the mock competitions or camp nights, students “compete” in. It’s a chance to perform the roleplay before entering the real, hectic competition. Students are able to get a taste of what the day might look like, and for first-year students, it just cannot be beaten.

“I loved having the opportunity to do a mock competition. This is my first year in this program, and I am competing as an individual, so I had no clue what I was getting myself into. Practicing beforehand simulating the real thing, and now that state is coming up, I feel more confident than before,” junior Caleb Lindstrom expressed.

Although studying and practicing are important aspects of preparation, it is also significant to remember to have confidence when engaging in your roleplays or entering a competition for the first time. Most importantly, maintaining a positive mindset and having the “Fake It Till You Make It” attitude really works.

“DECA state is so exciting! The most important thing ive noticed when entering a competition is to have confidence. It goes such a long way, and can improve your score,” junior Sydney Stinson explained.

“Something that gives me a boost to do my best is wearing a nice, professional outfit, as well as walking with good posture. It reflects and improves my confidence!,” junior Landon Elingor declared.

These Kadets in DECA are saving the date for the state competition and will use their accumulated skills and knowledge to perform and shine! After the district awards ceremony, their achievements, hard work, and practice will advance them to the next level.