Swim, Splash, Pow! 2021’s Swim Season Approaching!!


The swim team about to dive off!! Photo taken by Mike Evers


The clock is ticking down for Air Academy Kadet swimmers to start back up and go swimming again. Air Academy students who want to join the girl’s team are welcome to try out. If you compete in the freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, or even the breaststroke, AAHS offers it all. Kadet swimmers are even welcome to try out diving for new or returning members.

“I have only been swimming for about 3 years in club season, but I am very excited to join the atmosphere on the Kadet swim team. Especially being a freshman with my mom being an assistant coach and my uncle being the head coach I feel it will be a very welcoming environment for all girls trying out,freshman Kennedy Evers stated.


“I went to some pre-season practices this year and in general the practices are really motivating. Since swimming is an individual sport it is all about supporting each other and I feel like Kadet swim definitely does that for kids who just want something to do in the off-season or maybe another sport they do,” Evers commented.


The girls’ first practice of the season is on November 15, whereas the boys’ season starts later on April 26 to kick off the spring season. In past years the girl’s swim and dive team has had both successful and unsuccessful endeavors.


“I have been diving for a while now, I think 4 and a half years or so. In the time I have been diving both club and for high school, I have met so many new people and a lot of long-term friendships built just because of diving. This is my senior year sadly but in the time I have had the practice environment is very energetic and uplifting,” senior Meredith Clabaugh confidently exclaimed.


Many Kadet swimmers feel that they have had many instances where they feel welcomed and uplifted from practices being held so early in the morning.


“I am a senior this year swimming for Air Academy, but I remember as a freshman, Mr. Newell is head coach, walked into swim practice with a speaker over his head jamming out to music getting us ready for our first meet of the season. From that moment on I knew that the environment would be the same throughout the season. Exciting, energizing, and above all fun,” senior Kate Guiberson commented.


The Kadet swimming season is hoping to have a very successful season. With a lot of new interested students coming in to try swimming, it is going to be a very exciting season.


“I have not been swimming for that long but I have heard a lot of things about the upcoming swim girls. I am so excited to be swimming this year and just hoping not so specifically to win but to have a very fun season,” senior Noelle Jacobsen stated enthusiastically.


Air Academy Kadet swimmers are all looking forward to this year’s season. Whether it be motivating the students or saying farewell to the leaving seniors or finding their place within the team, the Kadet swim team is a very intriguing environment to be for all girls to consider.