Kadets Job Experiences


Man gently pours water into a coffee filter at his job. Labeled for reuse by Unsplash.

As students persist through high school, the topic of important life skills comes up. Air Academy High School offers classes that cover such topics, but learning firsthand is a great way to learn. 

How exactly are kadets able to gain hands-on experience? Well, many businesses around Colorado Springs offer employment opportunities for students. 

According to Youth First, working at a young age can teach discipline, responsibility, money, and time management. Also, it gives teenagers a glance into their potential future and even an advantage later in life.

In some cases such as junior Lilly Ichiki, jobs can be a positive environment to grow within.

“I love the people I work with they’re all very sweet and funny. It’s a nice community to be in,” Ichiki stated.

Each job is unique, for junior Langston Ball, he experiences this first-hand every day at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, which was voted the fourth-best zoo in North America by USA TODAY.

“I get to meet people from different parts of the world and it’s nice to hear accents and see how people act differently,” Ball expressed. 

Jobs attract all kinds of people, however, some happen to have rather interesting interactions with AAHS kadets.

“A crazy experience for me was when a lady yelled at me for charging her for $10.80 for 2 Gatorade’s,” Ball explained.

Although she is an employee at Yankee Candle, which differs from the zoo quite drastically, Ichiki can also relate.

“The craziest thing I’ve ever seen so far is on a Saturday someone came in and bought 900 dollars worth of candles… I had genuinely not felt more stressed in my life,” Ichiki exclaimed. 

For both students, having a job can at times be nerve-wracking, but it can teach valuable lessons and even allow people to grow.

“I have learned that a job can be exhausting and not everyone is going to treat you with respect and be kind to you,” Ball stated. 

When searching for employment, it’s good to keep in mind that school causes teens to have limitations otherwise, as Ball noted. So, having a sense of knowledge from students who have valid job experience can be helpful.

“A tip for a person that’s looking for a job, try to get a job that you enjoy,” Ball insisted.

“Just keep trying. It took a while for me to find a job and sometimes it’ll be that way but just keep trying,” Ichiki added.

Despite the troubles, students ultimately have more life skills to gain. Having a perfect balance between school and work allows teens to have income, learn skills, and experience the ups and downs of the real world.