The Grand Re-opening of Kadet Coffee


Kadet Coffee Employee Tatum Norris posing as he looks at a recipe for a Vanilla Bean Frappe.

As students may know, Kadet Coffee’s grand re-opening on September 4th has sparked attention from hundreds of stressed and anxious students since the start of this brand new school year. 

This school year will provide many positive changes according to junior barista Joaquin Sparks.

“They will be able to go back to the “full swing of things making signature drinks and selling things such as gum, and peace teas,” stated Sparks.

Safety, however, is a big must this year. Kadet Coffee is taking its guidelines very seriously so that this new semester will run as smoothly as possible. Junior Anna Shelton explains that the importance of maintaining sanitary standards this school year is very important. For example, Kadet Coffee employees must wash their hands regularly and wear masks at all times.

In contrast to safety guidelines, Kadet Coffee has a whole array of drinks ranging from Italian sodas to oreo frappes. Drink prices however range from $2-$4. When standing in line for these drinks one will also come across teachers as well as students dropping drinks off to teachers. Alora Wells says that her favorite drink is the ” vanilla bean frappe because it tastes just like vanilla ice cream. 

Having said this, great drinks come with great attitudes. According to Kaylee Stone (Senior) “[She] loves Kadet Coffee.” She explains how the fall aesthetic really fits in with this upcoming season. She also really enjoys the overall vibe and how ” cozy and positive ” the environment is. Stone also mentions that Kadet Coffee employees have smiles on their faces, which always makes a positive day keep the sadness away!

However, students who wish to indulge in these treats must return to class once their drink has been made. It not only reduces the lines but also decreases the number of students that are out of class. With this being said, the lines at Kadet Coffee get very long throughout certain points of the day.  It’s very important to go back to class ASAP not only for the student’s convenience but to avoid an awkward conversation with a grumpy teacher.  

Yet, sadly there are a couple of teachers and staff members who do not enjoy Kadet Coffee as much as the students do. Some teachers feel that students focus more on getting these delightful treats than their actual schoolwork. Along with this, students might also say that they need to go to the bathroom and surprisingly come back with a cup of coffee or blended frappuccino.

Taking this into consideration, students have the option to get everything in class finished first and if there is any time left they can go to Kadet Coffee and get a sweet treat, or if this is not possible, Kadet Coffee is open every period except for KAT.

What’s the best plan or strategic move then?

According to Joaquin Sparks, Kadet Coffee employees plan to not only improve the service towards their customers but are also focus on recovering from recent years. It is important to obey proper safety guidelines so the students of AAHS can continue to have fantastic drinks from Kadet Coffee. 

The grand reopening of the infamous Kadet Coffee has sparked the eye of many students and staff during the school year. From frappes to teas to coffee, all purchased beverages have brought joy to all. To the employees who work at Kadet Coffee, the students of Air Academy thank them and wish them all the best throughout the year!