Air Academy’s new website


This is the main homepage seen when visiting the new website, to the left the navigation buttons can be seen.

The communication team at Academy District 20 has been working hard to create a new and improved website for Air Academy as well as all District 20 schools. Air Academy, in fact, is one of the first schools to use this new resource.

This new website has powerful search features allowing visitors to quickly find what they’re looking for, it also brings a greater attention to school activities and news while delivering easy access to other topics such as navigation and pages.

The Navigation section is mostly made up of ideas or topics.

A row of buttons on the side of the homepage provides quick access to the most commonly used topics and Pages are consistently presented, with larger, more expansive ideas at the forefront of the discussion. Additional detail will be offered only if the visitor chooses to go to a more detailed page. This will also allow for easier access to our Schools, Directory, and Calendar tools. All of these features and updates will make it much easier to access on a mobile device.

A unified and cohesive notification system allows unique messages like Snow Days, or School Choice Windows to be presented quickly, consistently, and with appropriate attention.

“Right now it is still developing, I would call it a skeleton, and we are working to put muscles and flesh, so you are going to see a lot of improvement to content and features in the coming months,” said Air Academy Media Center head Traci Trimbach.

Trimbach mentioned that the communication team is rolling features out all the time and she is still sending information to the district. The website will not be fully complete for possibly another year.

Some of the major changes to the website are the preformation greater accessibility to access the website on a mobile device. The website will also be able to feature more dynamic content, instead of static PDFs which is what we commonly saw on the last website, so we should be able to have more up-to-date live content streaming from actual events as opposed to getting that information a day or two later. Athletic and club updates are heavily revamped, athletics will be able to post stats and action events that are happening right at the moment, allowing for more frequent, detailed updates.

To wrap things up the new website will have a far greater capability to host dynamic content such as live videos and updates instead of older information, better, easier, and quicker navigation, and easier access on any mobile device, and better access to more detailed information than the old one. 

Check out the new athletics section and the updates to be found. Look around and explore the new website and let us know what you think.