How To Have A Fun Stay-cation In 2021


A person in the sun hikes a mountain trail. Licensed for Creative Commons.

You probably spent the majority of  2020 stuck in your home, but with spring break coming up it might seem like you need a vacation.

As much as people like to travel and see the world, during these times it’s probably best to spend your next vacation as a stay-cation. This can be a great way of exploring your local surroundings or someplace within the area around you that you might not have visited before.

Now is the perfect time to go hiking with your family or friends, since it will be somewhere close. It is likely you will encounter only a small number of people, and even if you do see other people out and about, make sure to stay socially distanced from them. Be sure to bring your masks and other necessary items alongside your hiking gear. If you know the hike leads to a photogenic area such as rampart-reservoir-trail, perhaps pack for a picnic filled with your favorite snacks to enjoy a picnic together before you hike back.

Allison Nygren, a gym teacher at Air Acadamy, agreed with this statement saying “Anything outdoors is good! Skiing, hiking, biking!”

If hiking is not your cup of tea and you are bored from sitting around at home all day, maybe give Google’s “tourist attractions near me” a try. It’s certainly possible that taking a trip to a local tourist attraction that piques your interest will be refreshing.

For those who are more busy inhabitants of the city, you may never have found time to really explore your area. This spring break could be a great time to visit all the historical and interesting locations you have only heard about but never seen.

Of course, these days it’s necessary to check before you go to understand any restrictions or safety precautions they may have. Always make sure to properly social distance when visiting these locations as there will be other people. A few places I always like revisiting in beautiful Colorado Springs are the Gardens of the Gods and Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

Garden of the Gods with mountains in the background. Labeled for Reuse by Creative Commons.

For indoorsy people, try working on a puzzle–maybe with family or friends even. Puzzles are a great way to keep entertained and they also have many benefits for your brain; such as improved problem-solving, concentration, goal setting, patience, and stress relief.

Putting together puzzles helps the part of the brain that stores information helps to maintain and improve short-term memory. To learn more about the benefits of puzzles you can read this article on jetstream

Another family activity you can do is a backyard barbecue. A stay-cation is a great time to fire up the grill and grab the skewers. Get your favorite meats, fruits, and vegetables, prepare some seasonings and spices and get to grilling. This is a fun activity that almost anyone can do that you can enjoy with the family, and it also ends in a delicious dinner. As an additional step, after dinner, you could also make some s’mores for a savory, sweet dessert to end the day on a high note.

A stay-cation is an amazing option if you want to take a break from your work but do not want to travel anywhere too far. A stay-cation can easily relax and rejuvenate you as well to get your spirits back up before you get ready for the last quarter of this school year.