Mask-A-Mia, Here We Go Again


Air Academy Kadet’s sheet music for the song “Where God Shines His Light”, which they have been working on, with a mask on top.

In an effort to transition back into a more regular lifestyle, schools have been making accommodations in order for students to return to in-person classes. The one adjustment that affects everyone is wearing masks. It’s hard enough trying to talk and understand others with masks, but having to perform in one is another story.

Since June of 2020, people have been required to wear masks when around others. In September, students, as well as teachers, were allowed to return to school. While the idea of learning in class with a mask isn’t ideal, it’s easier than trying to act and sing in one.

Before schools had to shut down in-person learning, The Air Academy Performing Arts Department was eager to perform their spring musical.

Marissa Blum, a junior, said, “Choir before the pandemic was so much fun. It was so nice to hear other people sing in the same room as me. In theater, it was nice to see everyone’s faces along with their facial expressions. It was all coming together for the spring musical, Mama Mia.”

Blum was very thankful the cast was able to have one performance but hopes to one day return to the theater and choir without having to wear masks.

Masks are not only uncomfortable but make everyday tasks a little harder. For example, masks make it difficult to hear and understand others when they are talking.

The most important rule of theater is knowing when cues are. If a cue is missed, the whole performance is ruined. This happens for parts in choir. Masks make it much harder to hear when someone is speaking.

Kaylee Stone, also a junior, explained, “Pronouncing and enunciating things is probably one of the hardest parts about wearing masks this year. It also makes it hard to make connections with people we need to work with.”

She said when at school, students are not able to actually sing as of now, but instead hum. Stone added that this makes class less enjoyable compared to before they had to wear masks.

Masks have changed everyone’s life one way or another. The world has learned to adjust to this new change and make the best out of it. Even though performing arts are not the same as they were last year, masks won’t stop the class from going on.