‘Tis the Season to be Cheesin’


With the holiday season being the busiest time of year, it can be challenging to keep track of everything going on. There is so much to do: so many clothes to be worn, candles to be burned, and songs just waiting to be listened to. Overall, there is so much to smile about and be grateful for. 

Where do you even start? 

In Colorado, possibilities for what to do in the wintertime remain pretty limitless. Coloradans are lucky enough to be blessed with trips up to the mountains for the week, weekend, or even just the day. 

Many people also enjoy going figure skating, viewing ice sculptures in Breckenridge, and driving around with friends and family while looking at Christmas lights. 

There are so many outdoor activities accessible, even if it seems like the weather will be keeping people in. Indoor activities abound as well. 

Some knit and watch movies, while others bake and play games. 

Kimberley Madden, Math teacher at Air Academy, celebrates her sister’s birthday on Christmas Eve by having a family lunch, going to a Mass service at midnight, and then opening birthday presents before Santa can get to their house. 

Madden’s family enjoys getting out and experiencing the magic of the season just as much as they enjoy staying in. 

“A family tradition is to play laser tag the day after Christmas…We also try to watch, or go to, a bunch of movies,” said Madden.

It does not matter what a person celebrates or what they are doing during this time of year. If the fireplace is roaring or gingerbread is being eaten, being surrounded by family is good enough for some. 

Along with festivities and many different leisurely activities, fashion plays a large role throughout the holiday season. 

With Black Friday in November and various holidays during December (Christmas, Hannakuh, Kwanzaa, etc.), there is so much shopping that can be done. But how do you figure out what to buy?

Some people stick with a classic slinky for the staircase and clothes for the closet, while others pick a more personal approach.

If people have to adhere to a smaller budget, hand-written letters can make a person’s day and have a special, more sentimental feeling to them that can mean so much more than a commercialized gift. Adding in personal touches, such as inside jokes or words of affirmation, will make the letter something they will want to hold on to for as long as they can.

During the holiday season, there are so many ways one can express themselves, and one of those is simply fashion.

Each and every day, fads are changing and alternating every second, so it may be difficult to think, “Which one?” However, there is something almost special about plains and basics. 

For the year of 2019, there is nothing wrong with a turtleneck tucked into vintage jeans. If you add a nice accented belt, maybe a scrunchie for ladies, it will immediately look draw eyes of curiosity. 

Because these trends were more popular in the 1980s, there are ways someone could make it look a little more modern. 

For example, girls could wear turtlenecks under dresses, so they can possibly incorporate their summer wardrobe into the winter. 

Boys can easily throw over a flashy windbreaker as a statement for their outfit, and it will look like they have put more effort into it than initially planned.

If there is ever limited time when picking out clothes to wear, no mistakes can be made by wearing a sweater, jeans, and then accessorize.

Adding necklaces, dangly earrings, or a nice pair of shoes to a sub-par outfit make a world’s difference.

On the same side of fashion changing throughout the years, so does the music. However, there is always a specific Christmas song that, while it may be different for everyone, gets everyone in the spirit to give back and spread the love. 

“I love to sing Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas,’” said senior Brayden White. 

No one can go wrong with a classic like this, and the more you listen to it, the better it may get. 

Nowadays, some students, such as Sydney Barnes, tend to opt for a more modern and alternative style of music. 

“My favorite during the Christmas season is ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’, but the Soulja Boy Remix.”

Because there are so many different genres and styles of song to listen to around this time, check out these Spotify playlists that carry a taste of everything.

With all the hustle and bustle, it may be challenging to slow down and reflect before the year is over. This time is as important as ever to stop, think back about everything that has happened, and maybe cross a couple of things off some of the year’s resolutions we made back in January.

“I would like to finish this year by serving others and being a leader everywhere I am,” said Sydney Barnes. 

Another student, junior Nellie Danielson, wants to work on improving herself before the year is over. 

While it may seem fun to plan out what to do, wear, and listen to, being surrounded by the people you love and care about is what makes the holiday season feel magical. 

Senior Dylan Harley shared a story that reminds him of the holiday season. 

“When my brother Eddie was eight, he slipped on ice on our front walk-way and dropped an entire ceramic bowl of dumplings. He broke the bowl, cut himself on the ceramic, and felt as though he ruined Christmas.”

A story like this may go right over a person’s head, but for Harley, it is a story that will always keep him centered around what the holidays are really about: caring for one another.

There is a story like this one for each person we encounter. It may come in many different variety, but they will always get everyone in the spirit of giving and celebration.

Memories, music, and stories are what this time of year are about, so every person will be cheesin’ during the holiday season.