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    Will Lamb Produces Masterpieces

    One of AAHS’s Most Creative and Productive Students
    Elijah Hildy
    Will Lamb standing next to her sculpture

    Air Academy High School can proudly say that they have raised numerous students with incredible talent and dedication. One of these students is Will Lamb, a senior who has won numerous art awards and has currently been working on a massive audio drama for the schools film club. Her hard work and dedication pays off by allowing her to direct an entire room of high schoolers for an 80 page project and by winning her a prestigious art award for a beautiful ceramics sculpture.

    Lamb has participated in art classes like ceramics for a couple years now and she only has positive things to say about the classes and her experiences with them.

    “I started my second semester my sophomore year, so I have taken 6 or 7 classes including independent studies,” Lamb stated.

    With her time in these classes, she was able to produce an incredibly tall and beautiful art sculpture that has won numerous art awards

    “So my piece is a large ceramic sculpture. It is bisque fired which means it’s only been through the kiln once. It has a lot of graffiti on it, I used acrylic paint markers and spray paint. I think it’s about 3 feet tall and it kind of just relates to a lot of my feelings on woman’s place in society, sexism, discrimination. It’s a really personal piece” Lamb shared.

    Among these art awards is a “gold key” award, an incredibly prestigious award that’s given to students who have immense talent that can be seen in a project.

    “So I won a regional gold key award through scholastics art and writing. It is a national kind of awards thing and now my piece that won the award is going to be entered in the national competition and I could gold key there,” lamb exclaimed.

    If the awards weren’t enough to convince someone that her sculpture is breathtaking, a senior at AAHS has stated it was a masterpiece.

    “Will worked on her ceramic torso pretty much all of second semester in junior year, it was her masterpiece,” senior Elijah Hildy said.

    Aside from her ceramics piece, she has worked on a humongous audio drama which involved many of AAHS’s students.

    “Will directed ‘Dakota’ and that was her debut with directing and writing for film,” Hildy explained.

    This massive project that she wrote and directed should have taken months, but through pure dedication she was able to get it done in a matter of weeks!

    “She’s an amazing writer! Without her, the audio play ‘Dakota’ wouldn’t even happen. The way that she is able to produce at the high level that she does it in the timely manner that she does it is a feat of itself. What she was able to pull out of that brilliant mind of hers and put onto paper, most people would have taken 6 to 8 months to do and she was able to do it in 2 weeks. That is a monster feat and she has all my respect for that,” teacher Mr. McCartney shared.

    Air Academy has many incredibly talented students and the new generation of students should look up to them and try to share their best attributes.

    “Kids who strive to be like Will should get themselves involved in just about anything and everything they can. She puts herself fully into everything she does and that’s a trait I really admire. They are unapologetically themselves, which I find really inspiring. She pushes everyone to he the best version of themselves,” Hildy exclaimed.

    Will Lamb is an incredibly impressive student and an inspiration to all!

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