New Teachers’ Thoughts on the Online School Experience


Labeled for reuse by Creative Commons. New Teachers have the added task of starting the year balancing online and in person learning.

The entirety of this year has been challenging for everyone around the world and for both students and teachers alike. But, imagine joining a completely new school during a time like this.

Air Academy has several new teachers who know what that’s like.

Teaching can already be a tough job to master, the pressures and complications added from this global pandemic have surely made it anything but easier.

Some of our new teachers here at Air Academy seem to agree. The new online and hybrid school-world has been an interesting change for everyone. Meeting their students simply through a computer screen can have its ups and downs.

“Usually by now I know my students’ names, what works for them in class, what doesn’t, but it is tough [to know] through the computer,” states the newest edition to the Math department, Tateum Bowers.

“I think that for the most part, people learn better in person. Some of that may be because I am not used to teaching this way. I am very much an extrovert, so it’s hard to tell if I’m connecting to my students when they are in little boxes” said Christie Brady, one of our newest English teachers.

However, there can be some perks to online learning.

Brady explains that, “It is easier to learn people’s names which matters to me because I really struggle with that. The chat feature on Teams is wonderful for checking in on group work or individual check ins.”

For some teachers, they found it easier than others to adjust to this newly found schedule.

“This has been the smoothest school year start I have ever been a part of.” Bowers claims, also explaining that the support from the math department has helped her out wonderfully!

On the other hand, our newly added business teacher, Lindsay Bornhofen, said the adjustment was less easy.

“While everything is new to me, the added layer of restrictions and tasks the virus brings are more to learn,” Bornhofen said.

The most optimistic messages collected from these interviews have to be the positive notes on Air Academy as a whole. When asked if their expectations have been met, It seems that our school has successfully given them all a warm welcome!

“My expectations were more than met. The admin here is amazing. I feel so welcomed. I expected kids [to be] more feisty and instead the students are so well behaved. It has been great!” Bradie happily remarks.

“I think that D20 has a reputation for high performing students and the Air Academy Kadets did not disappoint,” explained our other newly added English teacher, Jane Spencer. “Yes, my expectations have been met!”

Bowers adds, “[Air Academy High school] is the most positive high school community I have ever been a part of. Students, parents, and my colleagues have been so warm and welcoming. I couldn’t have imagined my expectations being exceeded, but they have been. I love working here.”

Bornhofen said, “I was expecting a warm welcome and that’s exactly what I got!” She also stated that Air Academy was her first ever school to teach at and claims “I think I hit the jackpot!”

It is clear that despite the setbacks from 2020’s global pandemic, the community as a whole is able to push through it and make this another great year. Air Academy is looking forward to working with each and every new teacher this year.