AAHS Athletes Encountering Struggle With Field Space

Why are athletes struggling with sharing field space with other athletic teams at Air Academy High School?


Senior Keelin Wittkamp asserting dominance on the field against Legend High School. Photo credits to Jen Jardeleza.

The K-dome at Air Academy High School is known to have beautiful views and competitive games. Many sports take place in the K-dome such as football, soccer, lacrosse and even sometimes events for band in the fall and spring seasons. However, with all the schedules and condensed time frames it can be difficult to fit in all these events in the K-dome for a proper amount of time.

Senior Franz Reiser competing with Denver South for a ground ball in the K-dome. Photo Credits to Jen Jardeleza.

“I think it’s the hardest for spring season players. Since we are sharing the field with girls lacrosse and even girls soccer. But practices are only hour and half practices when I wish they were longer sometimes,” junior boys lacrosse player Carter Inazu stated. 

Spring sport athletes share field time with three other sports. Especially with how fast the season can go by it can be hard to get enough practice time before the season ends. With this, there are many views from athletes and coaches on sharing the K-dome space time. 

“There can be a solution to all of this, create another practice field from turf. For example the field next to the track can be transformed into a lacrosse field or lined for soccer as well,” assistant coach of girls lacrosse, Mike Evers, stated. 

The struggle for all athletes sharing field space is hard considering how stressful the season can be. 

“Sometimes practices get out super late and then I’m not even getting home till 9 o’clock at night which is hard. Especially since I have homework or other obligations I have already,” sophomore Langley Grow said. 

However, it is not always the K-dome that struggles with tie slots since there’s also the concern on gym space at the school when it comes to winter sports. 

“Being in cheer and sharing gym space with girls and boys basketball is probably the most difficult considering that we have to start retraining in the winter for the next fall semester of tryouts,” senior Lexi Wurmstein stated. 

With so many sports and activities going on at the school it can be hard to fit in enough time for a practice long enough for a game, match or even tournament. This is especially difficult when it comes to days where there are harsh conditions outside to practice and everyone is cramming inside to prepare. 

“It is hard when there’s snow on the ground somedays and we have to share gym space maybe with the football team at the time,” sophomore Kaitlin Rae stated. 

With this being said, many athletes seem to struggle with trying to share field time with others. However, most of them just go with the flow and appear unbothered if they are sharing field time with another sports team or not. 

“At the end of the day I am just blessed that we are out there practicing as a team and just giving our hardest for the season,” senior Braden Dougherty said. 

Many athletes on sports teams here at AAHS will have different opinions on field time or sharing gym space. At the end of the day, most athletes do not care or even remember the little hindrance the next day. In this regard, by athletes not focusing on field space, athletes can focus on the games and leadership on the field and off.