A New Year For The Kadet Lacrosse Team

The Kadet Lacrosse team is putting in the work to compete the best they ever have this upcoming .


Air Academy High School lacrosse player, junior Dominick Jennings, defending against other player.

The Kadet Lacrosse team is starting its season soon and the expectations for the team are high. The team and the coaches are expecting great things from the 2023 lacrosse season. The coaches also feel that they have a good chance of making it to state if the team puts in the right amount of work and time into practicing. The coaches and players all have different goals that they set for themselves in this upcoming season and they plan to succeed in those goals. 

To many, the previous season was a successful season for the lacrosse team, but the players do feel like they can improve from last year and make their team an even better and stronger lineup. The team has goals they want to accomplish and senior lacrosse player, Briana Mason, has personal goals for this season and she plans to achieve them and go even farther with her goals. 

“My goal for this season is to be a good leader for the team and to put one hundred percent in my practices and to show love to my teammates,” Mason said. 

The junior and senior lacrosse players have set high expectations for themselves in this upcoming season and with the Kadet Lacrosse team being a junior heavy team, the players feel like they have matured and grown since the previous season. Junior player, Carter Inazu, spoke on the growth of the team and how they have matured since last season. 

“Yeah we’re pretty junior heavy and sophomore to junior has a lot of mature growth considering how far we went last year,” Inazu said. 

 Inazu has also talked about how the team needs to rely on each other more to truly have a chance at winning state. 

“Last season we kind of relied on one player to do everything for the team but now in this upcoming season every player is going to put in everything they have on the field and they’re going to rely on each other,” Inazu said. 

With the high goals that they set for themselves, the biggest goal they can ever achieve is making and winning state. The players feel that they have a high possibility of making it to state and they feel that they are putting in the necessary work in to improve that possibility, whether it be pre season practice or lifting in the weight room, there is no limit to how much they want to improve in the sport. Junior Dominick Jennings discussed the work they have put in and how dedicated they are for the lacrosse team.  

“We already have a lot of kids in the weight room and we have a lot of preseason practices but we definitely need to put in more work as a team,” Jennings said.

With the team trying to have the best chance of qualifying and winning state, they are trying to practice as much as they possibly can, and are putting in more effort than they have ever been. The lacrosse team has been putting in the effort to grow and be the best versions of themselves. It’s looking like a bright season for the lacrosse team and they plan to exceed expectations and win the state championship for the school.