Acacia Park Ice Rinks and AAHS Students

How do Air Academy High School students get into the Christmas spirit? Acacia Park’s ice rink is the perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit!

Every November in downtown Colorado Springs, Acacia Park opens up their ice skating rink to the public, which helps to put the people of Colorado Springs into the Christmas spirit! Acacia Park’s ice rink is a great activity to do with family and friends, and for a low price too!

“I went to Acacia Park a couple of weekends ago with someone and it was so much fun. I think it’s so cool that we have that here,” senior Carly Ballard explained.

Ballard continued to explain  that there is not a whole lot to do with friends in the Springs area without spending a considerable amount of money. Still, the Acacia Parks ice rink is the perfect activity to do with friends, family, or anyone! 

“I went to Acacia Park with a group of friends, I had so much fun. the atmosphere is so fun and energetic. I definitely want to go again,” senior Jasmine Strader said.

Not only is ice skating at Acacia Park fun with a small group of people, but also with a large group! Strader added how when she leaves and goes to college she’s going to miss going to Acacia Park, but she is excited to return for breaks and do it again! But Strader is not the only student who will miss ice skating at Acacia Park.

“Once I graduate I’m going to be going on a mission, so I won’t be able to come and ice skate at Acacia Park again. I’m sure they will have ice skating wherever I go, but the experience at Acacia Park was really like no other,” senior Danny Harris replied. 

Harris went on to explain how he’s really going to miss Colorado Springs and Acacia Park too! Acacia Park’s ice rink is a seasonal activity, so Harris is not the only student that is going to miss ice skating in the winter months.

“I went with friends and had so much fun. There is indoor ice skating you can do at the USAFA rink, but it’s not the same as Acacia Park,” senior Drew Colbert commented.

Seniors Jasmine Strader, Misha Jackson, Annelise Ruzicka, Drew Colbert, and Ethan Kennedy all having good time ice skating at Acacia Park!

After being asked how Acacia Park stood out from regular ice skating rinks, Colbert explained how the lights, the music and the people made the experience memorable and fun. After ice skating, there are other activities in the surrounding areas for people to participate in also.

“I went down to Acacia Park with my friend Trini and had such a good time. It was tons of fun just spending quality time with my friend. After we went ice skating, we went and walked downtown and went into some stores,” senior Rylei Gifford stated.

Gifford discussed how she went to go get hot chocolate, played around on the playground nearby, and went to go get dinner afterward. She explained how it was really sweet and she’s going to remember the memories she made at Acacia Park with her good friends when she graduates. 

So there it is, Acacia Park is proven by the people to be a lively, fun, and energetic atmosphere for all kinds of people! Whether it’s a large group, a small group, or even just two people, ice skating at Acacia Park is sure to excite. Acacia Parks ice skating rink will be open until January 31st, so be sure to grab some friends and have a good time!