Teachers Doing the Most

How do teachers handle running a club or sport?


Freshmen Draven Bonnen, Jayden Elise Hubbard, and Veronica Godlevsky all members of different clubs and sports.

One of the hardest jobs in the world may be the role of a teacher. They are one of the main influences on the next generation and have the responsibility to form the whole next generation. While that is a lot of pressure alone, they also are making some of the next athletes by running clubs and sports while being a teacher. 

The teachers who are already under high pressure may offer to put themselves under more pressure by running a club or a sport before or after school. While planning how their five to six classes will progress through the year following their curriculum, they are also planning how their athletes and club members will progress through the year.

“Yeah, making sure my class is in good standing and preparing for boys’ swimming season in February does add a lot to my plate but it is what I love to do,” earth science teacher Scott Newell said. 

When they were children they enjoyed what there sport or club was about and just want to care about that joy with the students they teach.

“I swam my whole life and it gave me a lot of joy and I want to be able to give that joy to everyone I can. Also to give them the happiness that comes with winning and being the best of the best,” digital photography teacher April Mullinix said. 

Therefore, while making their life more stressful than it already is, they want to take time out of their own day in order to make a student feel the joy they experienced when they were younger. They are doing this with the hope that whatever they may be teaching inside a club or sport will hopefully spark that happiness in another student to make them as happy as they were, once upon a time. 

There will always be a relationship between student and teacher, but there is also an amazing relationship between the athlete and club member with whoever is coaching or teaching. There is less strain between the athlete and coach. The student is more relaxed because instead of doing something they may not like, for example, learning math in school they are in a place doing the thing they love to do therefore happiness is more evident. 

“Well in school there may be subjects that I’m not really into and for a teacher it can also be a stressful environment for them with all the kids who cause trouble on a day to day basis. On the tennis team the coach and the student can be more relaxed because of the environment they are both in,” junior Asher Kiser said.

So in the end yes it may be more stress, work, and responsibility for the teacher and club owner. They are doing it because they once loved and still very much enjoy it and it also may have given them great happiness once upon a time and they just want to give that to another student. Also, the student gets a great experience, therefore, making them happy there for making the teacher happy that they were able to give that to them as well.