Why do Students Enjoy Going to Football Games?

Why are football games always so popular?


The AAHS football team playing against Cheyenne Mountain at an away game.

The football season at Air Academy High School is sadly coming to an end. The football players have been working hard and this is represented in their games.

Many students show up to the games because they enjoy giving their support to the team, but some students, along with giving their support, have other reasons why they enjoy going to the AAHS football games. 

Surprisingly there is a variety of students at AAHS who enjoy going to the football games even though they do not regularly like football. For example, some AAHS students go to football games to hang out with their friends.

“I don’t typically enjoy football, but watching the games with friends is fun,” junior Katie Sartin explained. 

Although Sartin does not normally watch football, she regularly goes to the games with her friends.

“[Football games are] a good time to hang out with friends … while cheering for your team,” Sartin noted. 

Hanging out with friends at games has to do with enjoying “little moments in high school” according to Sartin. There are many things students could do with their friends, but football games are special to the school.

Students also love to support the team by representing their school spirit. School spirit can be represented through cheering for the football team.

AAHS has specific cheers that the cheerleaders and the students will do. Students can cheer anytime they want, but most students will cheer when the team gets a touchdown.

AAHS has “fun cheers” at football games, junior Carly Cox explained.

These cheers energize the students and the team. The students have fun cheering for the team because of the high energy.

“Hyping up” the players is one of junior, Delaney Field’s, favorite parts of the games. 

“Hyping up” the players is fun for the students because of how the players play. When a player is running to get a touchdown, the students will cheer them on. Many students enjoy going to the games because they regularly watch football. Football at AAHS has many hard-working players, which makes the games entertaining to watch according to students.

The entertaining games are a large reason why students enjoy going to football games at AAHS. When a player catches a ball or gets an unexpected touchdown it makes the students at the game energetic. The entertaining games are fun for the students, despite whether the team wins or loses.

AAHS football games are special because they have food that students can buy during the game.

There is “a variety” of foods at football games that are “very tasty” explained Fields.

Students likely do not go to football games at AAHS just because of the food, but it is still a large part of why the games are enjoyable. Students can eat while watching the football game, which according to students, makes the game more enjoyable.

AAHS students seem to enjoy football games for a variety of reasons. The team has been winning many games and will hopefully win more. There are only a few games left of the season, and the team will keep going strong. The football team appreciates the support at the games!