Girl’s Golf Team Takes Regionals!

Are they ready?


The girl’s golf team smile proudly as their coach, Jason Catron, takes a picture.

The most important time for an athlete is regionals and for Air Academy High School, the girl’s golf team is ready to swing their clubs to victory. Hard work and dedication have led this specific group of Kadets to strive for the best with the help of math teacher and coach Jason Catron. 

So, how’s the team looking so far?

We competed quite well as a team this year within the conference.  Kya Shatzer, a junior, is in the top 5 of the conference based on her play.  Our solo senior, Bryce Robinson, has been steady and consistent all season,” Catron stated.

With Shatzer at the peak of the game with other students who are considered to be good at what they do, has the season been challenging especially after coming back after months of no golf?

“At the start of the season, I shot an 80, which I was fairly happy with, but it has been progressively getting worse somehow, so I’m definitely struggling to get my mojo back. Well, to be honest, this year I’m terrified and very stressed about regionals,” Shatzer confessed. 

Although Shatzer and Robinson have been the front runners on the team, other players such as that of junior Liv Carr have managed to thrive despite being a recently new addition to varsity this year. They have been able to impress all with their golf capabilities, even their own coach.

“We have two new members playing varsity this year. They are Liv Carr and Stephanie Smith.  They have embraced the challenge of competing in tournaments and have certainly held their own and continue to improve within each tournament.  I am very proud of all the golfers on the team as they have improved so much since the beginning of the season,” Catron expressed.

After playing tournaments and attending practices with not only returning players from previous years but new golfers as while are joining in on the bond that has formed between all of them. At this point in the season, there must be a favorite moment.

“I absolutely love my team this year. That question is hard!! They are all so much fun and hilarious, but my favorite memory would probably be hearing Steph talk/yell about something super excitedly even though I’m far away,” Shatzer reminisced.

With the regional tournament coming up on May 23rd at Walking Stick Golf Course in Pueblo, it’s important for the team to not have a beautiful bond, but to be prepared and ready to take whatever comes at them in the upcoming competition.