Student President Elections!


Natalie Langley

This poster showing the name of Kaitlyn Vigil running for class present in the stuco elections.

Since the student president elections have approached, voting, electing, and running for students in the Air Academy High School community is here! These elections are for student government executive positions. These positions are the leaders of student government who have various responsibilities in student government ranging from speaking at the assemblies, running dances to overseeing student government events, and becoming role models to younger students at AAHS.

These elections are incredibly important to bring about change, create a better environment at school, and plan well-organized events. However, running for a position in the Stuco elections goes beyond just making changes and running events since these elections allow for the opportunities of teamwork and leadership skills. 

This event specifically works by applying in the student government class and then after a year of involvement in student government you can campaign for an executive position. Campaigning involves getting other students to agree with our ideas to support them when running for a position. These messages often include changes of how dances will be run, more clubs will be introduced, and create memorable experiences for students. The election process is a bit more complicated, but it involves student, staff, and administration voting and then determining that there have been no behavioral changes or issues of the candidate to then decide a specific person. 

“Vote for me! I will be here for you,” senior Kaitlyn Vigil exclaimed.

It is done to make sure that student government is run democratically and allow the student body to have representation in the school. Student government representatives are supposed to be in between individuals who voice their opinion to higher ups within the school and even district. Another incredibly important part is to ensure leadership among other students and demonstrate how events should be presented. Students vote for who’s best, has good worth ethic, and is able to get the job done. A student from AAHS explains why she wants to vote for the position student body president. 

“I ran for student body president because I have a lot of ideas about how to improve student connection to student government. I also have experience in student government since my freshman year, so I have been able to see what works and doesn’t work regarding school events. Furthermore, I also want to further involve AAHS students as a positive force within the community,” junior Kianna Gray vocalized. 

Not only are the skills and worth ethic important but it is important to take on leadership and teamwork skills. Emaciating the ability to be a role model and present empathy, creativity, flexibility, understanding, and passion for the job is just as important. Being able to include students in their work is equally as important. Teamwork, making high school memorable, and understanding students needs are qualities that these students a part of government contain.

As a leader, I want to ensure that student government is a fair representation of AAHS student. I also want to ensure as a leader I effectively run AAHS events and have more heavy cross club events that integrates more AAHS students. I am a good communicator and team player who is invested in bettering this school in every way possible,” junior Gray pronounced.

The AAHS students are masters at these skills of demonstrating leadership, teamwork skills, and having the ability to socialize and work with others. Student representatives run for these positions and they are taking on the responsibility of handling important matters for AAHS.  This election also allows the opportunities for creating relationships with others in the nearby future.