Need Amusement? Choir is Here to Help!

The Jazz Choir harmoniously sings as their teacher, Tanner Jones, guides them.

The Jazz Choir harmoniously sings as their teacher, Tanner Jones, guides them.

Love all or certain types of music? How about live performances? Well, Air Academy High School’s very own choir has a concert approaching right around the corner. 

It’s a short time even that’s taking place on May 3rd and 4th at 7 pm. The best part about it is that it’s completely free for anyone who chooses to immerse themselves in great music. It’s important to note that each date will feature certain choirs. Jazz and A Capella will be performing on the first day followed by Treble, Festival, and Chamber on the next.

All of the previously listed groups have been working hard to make sure the concert is successful. Junior Lilly Ichiki gives insight into how she’s feeling about the event.

“Good! I think it’ll go well and I have a solo in it so I’m excited! I think we picked really good songs and that we’re strong in them,” Ichiki expressed.

Every night will contain solo interludes from Kadets such as Ichiki. The choir will even perform popular songs from artists such as The Weeknd and Tame Impala.

This upcoming performance is such an important event for a variety of reasons which strengthens the need to attend. Choir teacher Tanner Jones goes more into depth.

“The tendrils of the pandemic are only just beginning to loosen their grip on our lives, and I am still feeling that euphoria that comes with being able to make music with others again after not being able to for such a long time. Music can act as a powerful unifying force, and watching or participating in our upcoming concert is a healing experience that can unite us all together in a positive way,” Jones explained. 

There is no doubt how impactful music can be to not only students but staff and family as while. After the past couple of years of dealing with the pandemic, coming together to enjoy the talented singers of Air Academy is a great way to celebrate getting back to normalcy.

These performances will also be the last for Kadets who are graduating in just a few weeks.

“I think it’s pretty important but especially for the seniors. That’ll be their last chance to be with this group of people and maybe even their last time in the school choir so them having a good experience is crucial. It’s sad to say goodbye to a lot of them and the last concert really makes it feel real,” Ichiki stated.

For those who aren’t seniors, it’s still a huge deal because it’s the last performance of the school year. Ichiki reflects on the past year with her classmates.

“I’ve been doing choir for around 5 years and it’s hard to pick a favorite memory because I really enjoy being in it with my friends but anytime we do sectionals and our sections talk to each other more personally,” Ichiki said.

It is very apparent that this concert will have a great impact on not the audience, who get to enjoy the choir’s beautiful voices, but the singers themselves that are giving the concert everything they got especially if it’s their last. So, why not enjoy the presence of Air Academy High School’s talented choir?