Splash! AAHS Boy’s Swimming Starts Again!


Young Diver Alex Cunningham in action!

It’s been a while since the sound of splashing and diving has been heard. With spring sports approaching, the boy’s swim team at Air Academy High School is able to swim, dive, and splash again! Each member of the team is very excited since the restrictions of Covid-19 have been restricted.

The practices are held after school at Rampart High School’s pool and practices are every day of the week except for Fridays and Sundays. They begin at around 3:15 p.m. and with the Saturday practices they start at 6:30 a.m. Within 20 seasons leading the Kadets, it is exciting news that there is a “new normal” beginning to happen at AAHS. Every year there are new athletes, new or old who try out for the swim team to be able to renew relationships with teammates, friends, and coaches.

Creating bonds with teammates and coaches become the best experience. Additionally, with the Covid-19 restrictions being lifted, each participant on the swim team is able to reach their fullest potential. Whether that is reaching the quickest time, reaching the goal of becoming a faster swimmer or reaching the desire to make new friends. 

This year which is my sophomore year will be my second year swimming with AAHS, so far this season has been great, all the practices have been very fun and exciting. To this day I have been swimming for about 7 years. The environment on the team is almost undefinable, you can walk into the pool before practice and all your teammates are there in the bleachers or on the deck with smiles and a strong mindset,” sophomore Joseph Weiland vocalized. 

The swimming team at AAHS are experts at creating a safe and enjoyable environment. The dividends of the AAHS boy’s swimming team is spending time on returning the positives on encouragement and building character.

“The AAHS swim team is enjoyable to me because it reminds me that we all have each other back weather it is someone forgot a pair of goggles or someone’s car is dead, we are all there for each other and that makes the team really enjoyable to be on,”  Weiland exclaimed.

The swim team offers the opportunity to practice the skills of entering the water and resurfacing, controlling the breathing, floating, turning, backstroke, breaststrokes, and moving to safety in the water and exiting. According to the teammates on the swimming team, there are different unique practices of swim techniques they use. There are a lot of different teammates with different talents in the swimming pool. 

“It is extremely important to be able to dive correctly,” AAHS coach Scott Newell explained.

In swimming, it is significant to be able to control breathing, maintain the proper form of each swim and diving technique, and be able to perform the ability to swim at a specific speed.  Diving is also another incredibly key principle in swimming to being to come above the surface of the water much quicker and begin to do the relay.

The team at AAHS are experts at learning the importance of these skills to be able to be successful swimmers. This high school demonstrates the ability of young athletes being capable of creating a supportive environment, learning the importance of swimming techniques, and being there for one another.