Parent-Teacher Conferences


Air academy high library where most people will meet with teachers during conferences.

The time is soon approaching that almost any student knows of and dread: Parent-teacher conferences. This event is a time where parents can meet with teachers, to get information about how their student is doing, assignments, and overall attitude and grades in class.

Usually, this event is hated or resented by most students, especially those who are doing poorly or do not act the best in their specific classes. However, this could also be said for teachers, as they are required to stay for hours after school to discuss their kid’s grades and behavior with parents.

So the real questions are how do the two groups truly view this annual event and what are the advantages and disadvantages to the conferences?

‚ÄúParent-teacher conferences are both good and horrible, while they can help with grades and future planning for struggles, there’s the pressure of how the teachers will speak of you to your parents. It’s stressful but good to get it over with as soon as possible,” senior Izzy Zimmerman said.

Parent-teacher conferences, which are taking place this Wednesday and Thursday will be an event where teachers have a chance to meet face-to-face with both students and parents to discuss behavior, plan for events, and try to improve grades.

“Parent-teacher conferences aren’t the most entertaining or enjoyable experiences, due to the fact that I have to speak badly about some students to try and help their behavior, however, it’s also beneficial for grades and seeing the way the parents interact with their children, so then I can do my best to see what I can do to help them with their grades or any assignments they may have trouble with or may be missing.” said teacher Emily Greer.

“Although they aren’t the most entertaining thing to have to participate in they’re still useful, it helps students get in touch with their teachers face to face and help their parents with anything that may be causing confusion. It can help with helping improve your grade as well, with being able to discuss student grades or trouble with subjects they are learning currently. It only happens once a semester, so when it does happen, it’s better to swallow your pride and take the shame you may or may not encounter and bear through it till the bitter end,” junior Aiden Trippel said.

As evident, even if parent-teacher conferences aren’t every student or teacher’s favorite aspect of the school year, they have a very set reason for happening: to help students have a one-on-one experience with their teachers and have a proper discussion to help with communication. So prepare yourself for anything to happen, and greet it with a smile rather than a scowl, and good luck!