Yay It’s Time For Galentine’s Day!


Ella Mitchler and Ashlynn Olson celebrating Galentine’s Day while being outside.

Everyone knows what Valentine’s Day is about. Celebrating the love between significant others is so beautiful, but what about the single people out there? People, especially girls, tend to get in their feelings about not having a partner. However, there is a solution to loneliness on Valentine’s Day. Galentine’s Day was invented by social media to give single girls the opportunity to spend Valentine’s Day with their best friends without romanticizing it.

Girls have their own little traditions that they like to do during the time of Galentine’s Day. To keep the spirit alive, girls love to have sleepovers, go to dinner, make crafts, and or bake something. This seems to do the trick and allows for less lonely people on Valentine’s Day. 

“Last Valentine’s Day I hung out with 3 of my other friends. We dressed up and ate at Cheddars. We also had a sleepover that night and tried baking a cake,” junior Emma Meyer explains.

Most couples tend to go out to a fancy dinner on Valentine’s Day. During this time, they get all dressed up and treat themselves to a really special dinner. Who says girls and their best friends can’t do that too?

In addition to going out to a nice dinner, girls also have the opportunity of spending the night together and doing fun activities late into the night.

“I like to make a girls’ night out of Valentine’s Day. I make food with my friends like a charcuterie board or chocolate strawberries. We also watch romance movies which are always better with your friends,” junior Trinity Wilkins describes. 

Valentine’s Day is all about romance, so watching a movie that goes along with the theme is perfect. Chocolate-covered strawberries are also a staple when having a girl’s night.

Instead of watching movies or going to dinner, other groups of girls do a fun activity outside to live in the moment.

My girlfriends and I usually do something together like having a fun day painting or having a picnic. I think doing something like that with my friends is a lot more fun than a boyfriend,” mentions junior Aliye Salazar. 

When people are able to be in the moment and think of what is happening right now, it makes a whole experience so much more enjoyable. People do not need a significant other to enjoy a day that is meant to be for love.

People not only spend Valentine’s Day with their girlfriends, but they also spend quality time with their mothers.

“My mom and I usually spend Valentine’s Day together. We will either go out to dinner or the movies and come home to do something that we both like to do together. We will bake cookies, drink hot cocoa, watch our comfort movie, or just sit and talk,” junior Ashlynn Olson mentions.

Galentine’s Day is an amazing chance to catch up with moms and create a whole new memory. Like Olson noted, doing something that both the mother and the daughter like can be exciting and a time to bond.

People do not need a significant other to celebrate a day for love. Recognizing quality time with friends is extremely important and Galentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity.