PPCC Career Start Field Trip


Gathering of students awaiting the announcement to begin the career start.

What’s the best way to draw in people to not only get them interested in your career field but also give a live demonstration of how it’s done? Why a job fair of course, and in fact, one happened right down the road at Pikes Peak Community College (PPCC).


Pikes Peak Community College had a job fair to showcase the different careers seniors can study at the college that might catch their interest, and oh boy do they have a collection of showcases. The list covers almost anything you can think of!


The different stations include welding, veterinarian assistant, zoology, motor engines, TV and media, construction, fire science technology, health careers, culinary arts, and many more! 


The event was held at Pikes Peak Community College and was split into multiple different rooms for each of the different areas you can apply for. Each of the different rooms advertised the different teaching environments that each student would be working in if they applied to that course.


“Pikes Peak Community College is a wonderful place to learn with the number of classes offered and the wide variety of things you can participate in here,” said teacher Jason Brown.


Pikes Peak Community College has a large variety in the different courses that you are eligible to take during your senior or junior year to start you towards your future career and interests for what you may want to do! Each teacher has a visible passion ready for any student wanting to take an interest in the career they specialize in.


The day at Pikes Peak consisted of presentations and in-depth tours set up to show the students to get a layout of the campus and classrooms. It also offered looks into the way each program will function and an insider view of each area. Then each student regrouped and went to their second presentation to finish off the day before heading back to their schools.


This plan also allowed for students to meet others with very similar passions and interests, perhaps even seeing them later on if both decide to take the program. It was also a good chance to be able to get a proper view of the school being able to see the school inside and out and all the different functions and areas.


“It is nice to be up close and personal with the different programs and career paths that interest you. It helps with getting a proper perspective on what you want to do in the future,” junior Katie Mardell said.


In conclusion overall, the Pikes Peak Career Start was a huge success with lots of students seeing their passions in a real setting and being able to view potentially where they could apply to after they graduate. Pikes Peak Community College put on an excellent display to show that among the schools in the nation, they are the best to help you get started headed towards your future.