So Much Spirit in So Little Time


Oceana Lonergan

The Peach Puff Volleyball game is in action.

On September 24, Air Academy High School and Cheyenne Mountain High School’s rivalry fired up for that week’s football game- with a special addition.

The week leading up to the showdown had a theme of dressing up for each day to raise awareness and excitement for the game. Within District 20, this week of dressing up is a common practice known as Spirit Week. These are generally used to bring awareness to events or fundraisers and also may be used to raise school spirit.

“It’s kinda fun to dress up as something else,” Ian Giammattei replied when asked why he dresses up for Spirit Week.

A couple of weeks ago, Air Academy had another Spirit Week, inciting confusion over the recent week. Why was the school having another right after?

The answer is Make-a-Wish-Week! Air Academy is doing a fundraiser with the Make-a-Wish Foundation to raise money for a young lady, Kahlani, to go to Disney World. 

The Make-a-Wish Foundation is a non-profit organization that gives children with critical illnesses the chance to make a wish. The wishes they make come true are then funded by the community and accordingly granted.

The wishes, being community funded, allow all kinds of people to change lives. They might donate a large or small sum of money. As long as the awareness is spread, the cause is benefitted.

The impact of these wishes is understated. The joy, laughter, and fun that comes from these wishes can change their life.

 “You have something to look forward to, and it makes you more compliant with your treatment plan, so then it’s going to impact your physical, your emotional, your psychological well-being,” Shobo Srikantan stated, an MD associated with Pediatric Critical Care.

Spirit Week was intended to raise both awareness and funding for the collaboration. It did this by both giving goals to reach, such as Mr. Olson’s benching, and giving activities, such as the Peach Puff Game.

The fact that anyone showed up to the Peach Puff Game means that there are people out there willing to help Kahlani get her wish. The people that showed up to watch the game, while still paying to see an enjoyable experience, also paid to support Khalani.

“We think it’s valuable to do community service and realize that there are issues beyond our classrooms, that people are dealing with a lot of things outside of school. This is our way to help give back to the community,” Elizabeth Schlichter, an influential organizer of events, commented when asked about why the fundraiser was taking place.

The fundraiser is widely said to be over now, however, donations are still being accepted until mid-November. They can be given by following the link below with a source of excess income, excess kindness, and Kadet pride.