Life in Marching Band Shoes


Marching Band preforming Live!

Air Academy’s Marching Band marches across the field again! As one may know, due to Covid last year did not allow students to participate in the marching band.

As new students enter the building more people want to join the experience! Marching band is a program that acknowledges students’ musical talents, instrument playing, and performing skills. This program invites each individual to meet other students with the same interest as them. Each student gets to play an instrument of their choice and attend practices on Mondays, Thursdays, and practice on days of competition. Practices can end extremely late, timings from 8-10 p.m but according to some students, the late practices are worth it. 

“Practicing late has helped us do better in competitions and get where we are today,” sophomore Lulu Lane explained.

Late practices made a success as Air Academy’s Marching band had placed second place, fourth place, and most notably their most recent competition where they won first place by 0.35 points. 

“Practice makes perfect even if it is stressful, and working late pays off,” freshman Daren Butterfield added.  

Not only is this activity for the musical experience but it’s a gathering of students supporting one another’s talent and working together to perform at their very best. Everyone who participates brings a new talent or gift to contribute to each performance. Each individual has a special musical talent whether it be being able to play the drums, having the ability to play the trumpet for a long period of time, or even adopting and learning new skill sets and instruments. Each student brings a new skill to the group and makes it a lot better. Although the marching band has strengths and weaknesses they are persistent and able to work through all struggles and mistakes. 

”Marching band students as a group can persevere when struggling,” freshman Joseph Tucker mentioned.

Learning new notes, keys, and songs and being able to learn quickly can be challenging for many. However, with practice, help, putting in the effort, and participating individually in a group students have seen growth in playing instruments. 

From the audience at home football games, people were very impressed and shocked at how good of a performance band was able to put on. No matter what they struggled with beforehand they put on a show and did their finest work. Success and learning are extremely important in marching band, but the people are what makes it worth trying.

“It sounds cheesy but it is one big family,” Lane said. 

Being surrounded by a good support system who can help you when you need is not only beneficial but comforting. Even new students giving it a try have learned to like it because of friends that can help them when they need support. Even at the beginning of the year when freshmen have trouble finding friends they can rely on marching band. Enjoying a favorite hobby with friends is almost always something students want to try out whether it is an old or a new experience.