KAT or no KAT?


A student is studying hard during KAT to pass his classes.

Air Academy High introduced KAT as an official forty-minute period where students and teachers can make up tests and catch up on academic work. The general idea of KAT is to allow students to get help if needed and get a chance to work on assignments and be focused on their academics.

But what do students and teachers think about KAT?

According to the teacher Natalie Thomas, she mentions ”It gives students the chance to ask questions and get further help on assignments in their classes.” This gives students reassurance that teachers care and are here to help when it’s needed. Say you are struggling with math because math is quite a difficult subject, or you need to catch up on homework and other academic work; KAT to the rescue! Students can get help from their lovely math teacher and then can understand more of what they were struggling with and can then do better. Also, how nice is it to know there are forty minutes of extra work time on Wednesday and Thursday? I think it is very useful and beneficial.  

        Not only is KAT a work time for students, but it is also a time for teachers to connect with their students, get to know them better, and build a strong bond. Whether it is helping their students one-on-one with suggestions on how to improve on an assignment or explaining something students may not understand and get the help they need, so they have a better understanding. Knowing that the teachers at AAHS care about every student’s education and will always do what they can to help them.

 As Ms.Thomas also stated,” It also allows KAT teachers to connect with their students.” However, some students do not take advantage of KAT, but it will always be there when students need it.” In other terms, it has your back.

       How else does KAT affect students and teachers you may ask? Well according to Logan Kramer, myself, and many other students, it helps get homework done so that there is no more stress added when we get home. Many students who play sports, have a job, and have other activities in their life where they are extremely busy and maybe stressed on how they will handle the pressure of keeping up with everything and doing well and then homework on top of that. This is another scenario where KAT comes in handy to use where students can start working or at least make a plan on how they can get things done. Kramer had included,” I can use it to do my homework, so I do not have too much to do when I get home.” I think this is very relieving for students and myself. As for myself, I’m very grateful for this period; it helps me get the answers to questions I need for tests and assignments, gives me peace of mind if I am struggling, and that I can get the help I need to become more successful in my high school career.