Football Recruiting at AAHS

Junior Sam Beers running in a football game.

Football is an impactful and entertaining part of high school. A large majority of graduated students’ best memories from high school are from attending football games. It is one of the most attended school activities every year. Having an exceptional football program boosts student engagement and brings attention to Air Academy High School. 

A great way to do this is by recruiting some of the best players in the Colorado Springs area to improve the program and team standings. Having a good coaching staff also would greatly benefit the team. By having both talented players and coaching staff, improvement can be made on and off the field. In addition to this, having new training equipment can develop our football team from past seasons. 

Having some of the most well-known players in Colorado play for AAHS would be an amazing experience for the entire team and perhaps the student body. 

“It would benefit the team because we are not that good and need better players,” stated Nic McCarthy. 

For some students having a memorable high school experience is more important than only having a better team, but they also thought that having more entertaining football games would be great for the experience. Mikayla Hancock had an interesting point of view about this subject.

“Over time the older the players get the better they can lead each other. Having good team chemistry is the key to having a winning team. And having some of the best players in the state to lead the team would be a great experience for all of us,” commented Hancock.

At the home football games, the school spirit is at a high. All students are supporting the team and having a great time. Having a better team would improve the experience drastically. 

The worst team in the NFL does not generally book a full stadium but the Super Bowl does. People want to watch a battle for the ages. They come to have a good time and a memorable experience. 

Everything about having better and more well-known players is great, more specifically, since it draws money and attention  to our school. Better training equipment and better learning materials can be used with the money to improve the physical aspect of the team. 

The attention brought to our school would give the football players a better opportunity to be offered a full-ride scholarship. Having that opportunity for students would be one of the best things the school could potentially provide. 

Looking at Pine Creek High School and how successful they are in almost all sports brings more attention to their school. Just this year they had a little over five hundred new freshmen come to Pine Creek. All Pine Creek sports programs recruit their players from around the Colorado Springs area. 

With Pine Creeks’ success, it is obvious that our school should consider recruiting players from around the area to better enhance the teams standings. The benefits that come from all this are undoubtedly worth it. 

Imagine going to a school where full-ride scholarships to some of the best colleges are common. The number of students attending Air Academy would increase and it would not be a surprise to see our school expand. 

There is not a good reason to not try this method towards improvement. The school would only see good things coming ahead in the future if it were to implement this practice.