What Are Kadets Favorite Holidays?

A Family eats a  Thanksgiving dinner. Licensed for Creative Commons from parentmap.com.

A Family eats a Thanksgiving dinner. Licensed for Creative Commons from parentmap.com.

A classic debate, especially during the holiday season, is what is the best holiday? Obviously, there’s no objective answer but people definitely have their favorites.

What do Kadets love about their favorite holidays and is there a truly favorite holiday overall?

In America, Christmas takes the lead for a favorite holiday by a large margin, 46% percent of people say Christmas is their favorite holiday, according to The Harris Poll. Following Christmas is Thanksgiving at 19%, Halloween at 9%, and the 4th of July at 5%.

But, among younger generations this shifts to Halloween taking second place with 17% percent of total votes, trading places with Thanksgiving. 

And although Thanksgiving isn’t the favorite holiday in the U.S., it is the most celebrated, 98% of adults say that they do celebrate the holiday. 61% percent of American celebrate Thanksgiving in their own home while 42% spend it at someone else’s home

Turkey is not just the favorite thanksgiving food but also the favorite holiday food in general being 32% of people’s favorite seasonal meal followed by stuffing.

But do Kadets favorite holiday events trend the same way as the rest of the country?

As expected Christmas is the first pick with 63% percent of students saying that it is their favorite holiday. It’s followed by Halloween with 22% and then Thanksgiving with 9%. 

But what makes students’ favorite holidays so great?

Junior Alex Flat’s favorite holiday is Hanukka.

“Hanukka is my favorite holiday because it allows me to connect with distant relatives in Isreal,” Flat explained. “Plus, we get 8 days of presents.”

“We have some sort of dessert for breakfast during the 8 days,” Flat continued.

Junior Camille Reveles explains some of her favorite parts of Halloween.

“I normally spend Halloween with friends, we’ll watch movies and we have a tradition of watching Coraline at some point in the night,” Reveles continued. “I really like the candy corn pumpkins, just the pumpkin ones and only on Halloween.”

Reveles also talks about her Christmas traditions.

“We have a weird tradition of opening presents or whatever gift exchange we have planned around midnight, and then sleeping in super late….on Christmas we’ll make some new recipe or one we don’t make often. This year we’re making homemade tortillas so I’m pretty excited about that.”

Junior Casey Baldwin expresses the same feelings towards Christmas.

“Christmas is my favorite because you get a lot of presents and good food, and you get to hang out with family and friends,” Baldwin said. “I usually celebrate at my house or my grandma’s house and my dad always makes Swedish pancakes on Christmas morning.”

Although Christmas is the most popular holiday nationally, Kadets do have a wide variety of favorites. Hopefully, everyone can enjoy their favorite holiday before the season comes to an end.