Gifting Advice For the 2020 Holiday Season


The Holidays are filled with joy, but also stress. Photo labeled for reuse by Creative Commons.

Giving gifts is one of the most important parts of the holiday season, and can often be stressful. Although the perfect gift is subjective, the Air Academy community has some ideas.

A recently popular gift idea comes from, “Write down some wonderful moments with them. Remember that time? Make sure that they do, too. Write all of your favorite memories with them on small slips of paper, and place them in a pretty jar with a label like ‘Jar of Awesome.’ Include some blank slips of paper so your recipient can continue the tradition with new memories as you make them.” 

A “Jar of Awesome” is sure to convey love and appreciation while saving money.

AAHS English teacher Christie Brady wants an Apple Watch for Christmas and stated, “Everyone in my family gets gifts, my kids, husband, and close friends. When it’s not during COVID, I usually bring plates of goodies to all my co-workers. I like to give gifts.”

“What’s the best gift of the year? For my dad, a poem is the best gift. For my mom- some trinket that is sentimental. For my daughter- the huge dollhouse. For me beauty and the beast library (dream gift really). So everything is an individual,” continues Brady.

Another interesting gift idea especially for younger siblings is you can make play dough, slime, or maybe silly putty with some common ingredients you probably have at home. This is a fun activity that you could do together.

Air Academy employee Erica Riggs commented, “The gift I want most of all is for my family to be together for Christmas so that we can have our family traditions in person.”

“We usually go to a Christmas Eve candle lighting service and then have a big breakfast meal for dinner afterward.  On Christmas morning we get up early to open presents and have a decorated cinnamon roll wreath like my mom always made for us.  The rest of the day we just spend together playing games and hanging out.  It is one of my favorite times of the year” continued Riggs.

“I love giving gifts. I always give gifts to my children, husband, sister, and parents.  I also enjoy baking for family and friends when I have the time.  Christmas cookies and bread are things I bake every year.  One of my most favorite gifts I ever gave is a queen size blanket I crocheted for my sister.  It took me a few months to make it, but it turned out amazing and she has used it for many years,” added Riggs.

Riggs also commented, “For me personally, the best gift is time. I enjoy having time with people to go on hikes or just have coffee and chat.  I also love handmade gifts.  I’ve gotten some amazing artwork, ceramic mugs, handmade jewelry, baked goods, and the list could go on and on.  I think when people take the time to make something personal it really shows how much they care.”

The Holidays are fast approaching, are you ready?