Among Us: The Game of 2020


Licensed for Creative Commons. Among Us loading screen before entering game.

The popular game, Among Us, gained popularity in late 2020 after streamers on both Twitch and Youtube started streaming the game to all of their subscribers. Although its original release date was in June of 2018.

How does the game Among Us work?

The basics of it are that there are 7-9 crewmates and 1-3 imposters. The imposter’s job is to kill the crewmates without getting caught by the other players. The imposter can use vents around the map as shortcuts and a quick route of escape.

The crew mate’s job is to complete tasks around the map before the imposter kills everyone.

Another feature of the game is the imposter has a sabotage ability, this ability helps the imposter by slowing down the crewmates from completing tasks. Some of these sabotage options include O2 depletion, Lights (Power outage), and Reactor meltdown. The game has 3 maps: The skeld, Mirahq, and Polus. There are multiple different settings in the game and you can have a maximum of ten people per game.

But, what are people’s opinions on this game? Why do they play it?

“I love this game because I enjoy trying to blend in as an imposter and trying to find the imposter as a crewmate,” junior Kathryn Everson explained.

This game has many features that are similar to other games kids in “generation Z” like to play.

Junior Isabelle Zimmerman compares it to the Mafia because of the similar attributes between both of the games.

The original plan for Among Us was for a second game to come out in the future with more features that could include new maps, new game modes, and even a friend list. But because of the sudden rise in popularity, the creators changed their minds and decided to stick with the current game and just add updates to the game.

However, is there something specific players are looking for in terms of updates?

“I would add more maps because there is only one good map to play and at one point playing that map gets boring,” Everson expressed.

“Personally, I would add a friend option, where you could send friend requests to people in the game,” Zimmerman noted.

In this generation, meeting people online is very common, and often people would want to continue to stay in contact to play other games, but the internet can be risky sometimes when you don’t know who you are playing with.

“Sometimes you can meet some really cool people,” Zimmerman said, “but you don’t want to give away your discord or personal info, just so you can play with them again.”

The updates that the creators are planning can help bring in a broader audience and different types of players in the future.

Some of these future players could be people who are color blind, one of the tasks in Among Us focus on matching colored wires which could be hard for people with color blindness, but the creators are planning to make the game more accessible to people who struggle with it by including shapes by the wires.

Teens and older kids are excited about future updates because they look forward to the game improving and what the creators’ plans hold.