Kadets’ Perfect First Date


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The smell of perfume and cologne fills the room, as sweaty palms run through closets picking out the perfect outfit. Excitement is evident and nerves are high strung. A teenager is getting ready for their big date.

In every high schooler’s life, there are big moments that make hearts stop.

Whether that’s a final they’re taking for a class, a college essay they have to submit by 11:59 pm, or playing in a state championship. For many, though, the most important moment is a date. Not just any date, the perfect date with the perfect person.

The perfect date doesn’t need to be big. It can be as simple as going on a nice picnic in the park.

Junior Sam Gregerson described her perfect date as just that.

“My perfect date would just be a picnic on a nice day. Nothing too fancy or big, just simple and classy,” Gregerson said.

On the other hand, the perfect date for someone could be an exciting night of ice skating, a competitive game of bowling, or an adventure to an amusement park.

“Even though I have never been on an actual date, I would say that my perfect date would be at an amusement park or just a park of some sort… then you aren’t at a table being awkward and trying to think of what to say and you aren’t in a dark theater where you can’t even talk. At an amusement park, you get to have fun with each other and it’s not so much pressure… that would be my perfect date,” junior Maddie Kalbfleisch said.

It’s not a surprise the first date is aimed to be memorable. Junior Noelle Jacobson imagines her perfect date from beginning to end.

“I picture my perfect date starting off dinner and then going to a cute coffee shop after. We would then go look at the stars and listen to music for hours to end the night,” Jacobsen described.

Jacobsen described not just her perfect date, but also a classic first date among people.

For junior Colton Robinson though, he has a different view of a perfect date.

“My ideal perfect date would be taking a girl to the shooting range and showing her how to shoot a Winchester Model 12 or a Glock 19,” Robinson said.

Not to be a cliche, but who doesn’t love just staying in a watching a movie? Junior Heidi Johnson has the same idea.

“I’m not into big gestures, so my perfect date would be ordering take out and watching a movie,” Johnson said.

Although there is no clear definition of a perfect date and there never will be, keep in mind, Kadets, everyone is unique and should be treated with the utmost respect.