The debate between chicken rivals: What’s do AAHS students prefer Chick Fil A or Raising Cane’s?

One year ago, Colorado Springs welcomed another Raising Cane’s establishment into town. While it was a sight for sore eyes, long lines, and a fleet of cars waiting in the drive-thru line, another chicken franchise dominated the streets not too far away. Even as swarms of people rushed to try this new southern specialty, the popular franchise Chick- Fil- A also prevailed.

So, what do Air Academy students prefer: Chick- Fil -A or Raising Cane’s? Deciding between these two restaurants is definitely a daunting task.

Students recognize Chick- Fil- A for its delicious chicken sandwich served with a side of hot waffle fries, whereas Raising Cane’s serves crispy chicken tenders with crinkle fries, warm texas toast, and coleslaw.

Yet, we cannot forget to take into account the familiar sauces served at each. Some familiarize Chick- Fil-  A with its creamy, irresistible original sauce, and some have grown an attachment to the tangy, spicy original Cane’s sauce. 

The controversial role over sauces served at large food franchises is an undeniable topic. Just ask Senior Jocelyn Mutchler. 

Mutchler exclaimed, “Their french fries are so amazing, and the Cane’s sauce with the bread equals perfection!” 

Without a doubt, sauces truly do elevate any menu item. Besides the mouthwatering sauces, students cannot deny the refreshing drinks served at each. Chick- Fil- A offers a wide variety of drink staples such as lemonade, sweet tea, and hand-spun milkshakes.

While this drink menu is vast, Raising Cane’s is applauded for its delicious brewed teas. Freshmen Elizabeth Kent greatly prefers Cane’s sweet tea rather than any other franchise. 

“I like Raising Cane’s more because they have better tea and the chicken is more flavorful,” noted Kent.

Whether indulging in a scrumptious meal or sipping a sweet beverage, both rivals have their perks. Yet, is there a reason why people choose one over the over? Does the menu contribute to this initial decision? The answer is yes according to Sophmore Leah Finkle. Finkle has great admiration for both, yet she believes the menu is a definite contributing factor. 

“Yes! There are a lot of people that eat at Chick- Fil- A because whenever I go the line is always so dang long! And because they have so many food options I can try new things and there is something that everyone will like. If you only like greens get a salad and if you don’t then get nuggets,” Finkle stated.

Whether you want to eat a fresh salad or to indulge in a piece of chicken, the menu is a very significant aspect of this process. From long menus to sauces to sweet drinks, AAHS students have spoken and the battle between Chick- Fil- A and Raising Cane’s potentially has a definite winner.

The winner of this feud is undoubtedly neither. While students love the versatility of Chick- Fil- A, they also appear to appreciate the simplicity of Raising Cane’s. Even though both differ, each franchise provides a touch of southern hospitality, and “the food is always fresh and is always hot…”, as Mutchler boldly stated.